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You need to read Imalwaysright's reply, because everything he states is TRUTH, actual facts, not opinions! All I see in your "name calling" post, is you getting upset and spewing verbal insults against people that disagree with your views. Which is their God given right to do so, not one post on here has posted any threatening comments of bodily harm to anyone.

The problem with the lgbt+ community is that they put their own personal rights over everyone else&#...

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Tom Ellis (star of lucifer) better watch out, if Andrew Wilson gets fired as EA CEO, he'll end up taking Tom's role. I mean just look at him... he looks like the epitome of evil! He'd make the perfect lucifer!

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I get what you're saying about people bitching... that I do agree with, but there are smart ways to combat this.

What you might not realize is that many of these so called AAA publishers, spend half their budgets on advertising, which is nonsense, because the game itself suffers.

A big problem is that publishers force players to take the whole package and their main focus in most cases is the multiplayer aspects of these games. Not every...

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I have some questions for you...
Do you think that EA has your best interest in heart as a gamer, that all their actions benefit you and that your enjoyment of their products is their number one priority?
Do you believe they would fight for you & your right as a gamer, as hard as you are fighting for them?
Do you not honestly think they are not taking advantage (financially) of your love, of their products?

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I said 10 (2006/2007) years ago, not 25... sure the cost rose from 90's as games did get bigger! EA DID spend less on development that in 2007! What you fail to realize is that EA spend almost half of their game budget on advertising, not development! Go check the facts man, all their numbers for their budget are public record as they are a public IPO company!

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I've been around gaming for over 30 years, I was there is the beginning! What you seem to not include in your statement is the facts...

EA especially has a bad habit of not giving many of the developers they've closed, the proper resources and creative freedom to make the game they (the devs) envisioned. The suits are always meddling with the creativity, then when the game is rushed out & released and does poorly, they blame the devs.

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Tapewurm is nothing but a “Skinner Box Lab Rat”, he’ll be feeding the “Operant Conditioning Chamber Lever” soon enough! Read 3rd post in link...

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@DiscoMan & @badz149

Great post(s)! Promoting self pleasure over other peoples basic rights to live somewhat of a normal life is the North America way. It's amazing to see the way these companies & people prioritise social issues. "Who cares that people have no rights to food, shelter or clothing, as long the homosexuals have the right brag about pleasuring themselves how they want!"

It's funny how people point the finger at Rus...

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That word "homophobic" is the most over used catch phrase used word that's thrown around these days. If you break it down "phobic" or "phobia" means;
"A persistent, abnormal, and irrational fear of a specific thing or situation that compels one to avoid it, despite the awareness and reassurance that it is not dangerous."

So because others "avoid" the act of homosexuality & do not ...

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@yezz And there we have the aggressive insults (towards app007) like I mentioned. Everyone can not & will not be male, so that point is moot! "Gayness" as you put it, is not "all over the animal kingdom" but is in certain kinds of species. We are way above the animal kingdom as we have dominion over that kingdom and have abilities far beyond the animal kingdom... our intellect far supersedes them.

Plus what you mentioned is the cause of broken & ...

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Well said ape007, you can't get much more basic than that! However the BIG question is "What in the world does being LGBTQ or sexuallity for that matter, have to do with sport, futbal (soccer) or video games?" and why is that groups agenda pushed over other community groups? The subject of sexuality should be kept in the bedroom, and not broadcasted all over the place, it's no ones business but your own and your partner's.

We are all human beings, but ...

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Agreed! Modern publishers/developers know full well that gamers will buy almost anything, if you market it properly. Most gamers love the shiny new flashy graphical videos and go crazy over a few well placed trailers, without even knowing if the game is functional (they're all broken in one way or another).
Ubisoft for instance has done this time and time again, with almost every game in their library. Not one game they've created in the past 10 years has been fully function...

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Because everyone would die!

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That's an easy decision... I can't actually use my wallet, as the game is not available for any of the platforms I play on! LoL!

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Why is it that the trailers look better than the gameplay itself? Look at the speed of the operatives in that trailer and look at this fan made parity video of actual pre-alpha gameplay...

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A couple points the writer didn’t touch on is publisher waste and publisher division of the profits. Why does a publisher need to spend so much on marketing & advertising (sometimes 50% of their budget)? Why does a publisher executive like Bobby Kotick receive so much money while the development teams that put blood sweat & tears into the project get hardly anything. If they managed their money better many of these publishers wouldn’t be closing.

Then there’s the fact...

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Wow... no Socom's on the list? Socom 2 was a fantastic game... oh well, to each his own.

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A very level headed comment I must say. I agree with you a 100%. I'm also taking a wait & see approach to this game as I have learned over the years that developers & media over hype things with their PR talk.

Being a DICE game, the netcode worries me a lot as this game will be heavily focused on multiplayer!

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Why in the world would ubi need to change their method of doing things? All they need to do is release a few carefully crafted PR videos and gamers will buy their games regardless of quality! EA has proven that time & time again!

I spent some time the other day just reading posts on the ubisoft forums regarding their latest game releases. I haven't laughed so much in a long time.

It just proves that there are many gamers out there, that aren't the...

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Great statement bro!

I have given up on modern gaming, it's a joke! I'm sorry to say but, gamers are dumb enough to let these big companies get away with releasing broken messes, just because they look pretty in the PR videos. I actually laugh at gamers complaining at all the problems these games have, just after they're released, and paying a premium top dollar at release!

I have spent $0 on AAA gaming the last couple of years and I have saved my...

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