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I'm sure that the PS3 version will have custom soundtracks. Sony recently updated the dev kits to allow it or something. All I know is it's coming to Burnout post-release so I wouldn't be surprised to see it in GTA PS3 from launch

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I'm afraid I don't - only that, as far as I know, this feature was only mentioned in the 'first review' and hasn't been mentioned at all in any other reviews/previews

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good idea. Allthough, living in the UK, because I've only preordered the 360 version, it might be a bit hard getting hold of a PS3 copy. Still that isn't so bad because in the long run the 360 version will have more longevity

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What always amuses me in these articles is how over-the-top people prais LIVE over PSN.

Of course features like cross game communication and invites make online play a lot easier but 'pales in comparison?' I get the feeling someone hasn't actually used PSN.

Still the other guy also has his facts wrong - the split-screen feature was fake, people.

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Damn I'm actually seriosuly considering getting GTA4 on both consoles now. I can always trade one in if neccesary - but if the PS3 version is smoother and controls better (Dualshock is the way I've always played GTA), then maybe I'll play singleplayer on PS3 and multiplayer/downloadable episodes on 360.

Is that crazy though?

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Um..hello? I want King Kong and Bourne, not Hellboy and Mamma Mia

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what a strange interview..

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damnit! i'm very annoyed now. What a spoiler. Arghh, I guess it's my fault for prowling N4G night and day :@

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you guys are funny. I have a 360 and a PS3 and I'm getting the game on 360. I love both my 360 and my ps3 I just hate the 360s logo.

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well the people at Rockstar would be the ones to notice - they've been eating, sleeping and dreaming this game for the past however many years

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Yes, allthough at 1x speed Blu-ray's data transfer is more than 3 times that of DVD, the DVD player in the 360 is, I dunno 16x? 32x? as opposed to PS3s 2x Blu-ray speed

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at first I thought they looked identical, but if you look at the character models, you'll see they're way better on this than Rise of a Ninja

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I'm not really interested in this game at all but DAYAMN the facial modeling is amazing!

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I own a 360 and I think it's a great system and all, but I really hate the swirly silver ball logo. I just think it's ugly, especially compared to the PS3 quick silver logo.

It's not such a big deal I guess but I'd rather have just seen the normal black screen with logos at the end, but hey, this is a promotional advert. Whatever. The game is going to rock.

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hahahahaha, didn't even notice that

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Fantastic, so now Europe is the only place with no official word on Dualshock 3.

oh well, glad I already imported two already.

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Yes, for God's sake, Activision, please give us rumble!

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Best Zero Punctuation in a while. Flawles

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Strange, I also recieved an e-mail from Amazon telling me that my order would arrive from June 12th-14th

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I say go with Insomniac's, and call them 'skill points' linked to a Skill points card - with smaller, 5-10 point skill points being medals, and bigger 50-100 skill points being trophies.

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