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This is my favourite trailer so far since the very first one

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Aside from the presentation, this is as bad as those infantile 360 vs PS3 videos you used to get on youtube. Ugh..

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Well I think the number of comment here is proof of how Nintendo has lost the hardore gamer.

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Ratchet and Klank? Is that the Greek version or the Russian version?

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I just get the feeling that the people buying this are misguided - if you seriously want to get fit, you need to change your lifestyle, attitude, eating habits - It's like the Special K 'drop a jeans size' thing - in the smallprint there's 'as part of a balanced diet along with regular exercise'.

Myamoto even said that Wii Fit won't get you fit on it's own - it's just a middle man really, to spur you onto doing more exercise, and I don't think that the majority of the peopl buyin...

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"If you could construct any of the Metal Gears in reality, what would be and what would do with it??

Certainly it would be Metal Gear Rex, and with it I would destroy a few buildings in Roppongi, including the Konami building. Nowadays I spend more time there than in my house"

Ah Kojima, you make me laugh.

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Oh, god, what is the world coming to?


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Too Human is so oft' the forgotten 360 game this year. It's strange, it's one of those games where I simply can't decide whether it's going to be amazing or broken.

Still Silicon Knights haven't let me down so far.

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I wonder why DMC4, Burnout: Paradise and COD4 aren't valid for comparison....

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no, modders get banned from Xbox Live, so they won't be able to download the additional content.

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woah, how did you lose all your bubbles?

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When you submit your own article you have to refer to yourself in the third person

"When creating a news post linking to your site always refer to yourself or your site in third person. Do not write “we” or “I”, instead use your website’s name when referring to your article"

edit: oops, didn't realise you were a contributer and th...

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Firstly, the fact that Toughname, in this article, says that at least three playstation 3 exclusives will be great, proves he isn't a fanboy. Secondly, as far as I remember, promoting your own blogs on N4G is acceptable as long as they are of acceptable quality...I'll just find that rule now..

ah here it is: "Submitting your stories to N4G can be a great way to promote your site and to gain new readers" i didn't bubble down you
@fishyfingers again..right, yes, I was just angry at most of the people who replied to you..I know you're alright though

tis true for every online service.

except, funnily enough, the Wii.

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counter-op - i totally forgot about that.

I have such fond, yet chilling memories of Perfect Dark - I was, like, 12 at the time, but it was an 18 in England, but managed to pursuade my parents to get it for me, and the last level freaked me out it was so chilling

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is that true? I would've thought it'd be he who chose not to do it

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October? OCTOBER?

I hope this isn't true. I really do. Still, I'd be happy with ingame music and communication by summer.

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I'd hardly call the IGN score of 8.5 one of the best reviews in the industry. Did you even read, or watch the review? The reviewer clearly states what the problems were, what the good stuff was and who this game is for.

But it's all moot anyway. Anyone who only owns a Wii will get the game anyway, regardless of reviews, and anyone who owns a Wii and a 360/PS3 will be getting GTAIV instead

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