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because, like many here, what hope you had of this site being one full of sensible discussion of the latest gaming news has crumbled, and you are only left with a hollow heart full of regret, and dread, aware of the inevitable, yet stepping towards doom nonetheless.

edit: oh sorry, that was a rhetorical question
edit 2: sanity prevails!

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And the sad thing is, is that the gameplay of Killzone, in fact any game like this should be challenged, but imbecilic blogs like this don't do anything to help that cause

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now, now, Ubisoft Montreal aren't making this game, Free Radical are.

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yes it was rather remiss of them to not know about the Ironsights later on in the game, but I don't think calling L2 the left trigger is such a big deal

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It doesn't occur to you that these two titles may be better than any of the other announced stuff coming, however awesome the announced stuff may be?

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I guess I'll have a coke then, and dream of a site where rants against other websites don't get to the front page

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Fair enough that this isn't just about the GRID thing but I still think that this is totally unnewsworthy - if this was from a blog from N'Gai Croal or David Jaffe or something on the state of game journalism then fine, but a few multiple threads being deleted doesn't, in my opinon, and in the N4G guidelines, warrant a news story, and everyone is completely overreacting IMO.

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How the hell did this get approved? This whole thing is ridiculous. Is this news? Does anyone care about this at all? is this going to make GRID any better or worse on the 360 or PS3?

Wouldn't it be very irresponsible of the GT Mods to let thread after thread of pointless anti-GT threads pop up everywhere?

And is it really necessary for everyone to assume that the whole thing wasn't just a mistake?

Shame on you Cloud360 and everyone who approved this for...

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As great as it may be I don't see LPB as a system seller - to fork out the price of a PS3, the mainstream will be enticed by something much more flashy, like Killzone or Motorstorm, or God of War.

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I think as someone said before, in all likelihood it was running on a PC

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I'm scared of how beautiful this game is going to look in Feb.

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Motorstorm 1 looked absolutely terrible with as many months to release as MS2 does now - the early videos really made my heart sink - but then they pulled it together for the finished product.

And this footage already looks better than MS1, so I'm not worrying about the graphics at all.

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you do know that neither Microsoft nor Sony are publishing Mirror's Edge, and that it's coming out on 360 as well, right?

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Having already imported two Dualshock 3s this doesn't affect me in the slightest, but all the same I do feel sorry for those not in the know like us internet folk

This package is going to sell like crazy - not GTA crazy perhaps, but crazy nonetheless and it saddens me knowing that those people will be missing out.

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love your avatar heyheyhey.

not so hot on your forum one tho..

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Yes, yes, and triple YES.

Sorry if i seem arogant by expressing such excitement about a trailer that I submitted, but oh god this game looks beautiful.

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what are you doing on N4G? You're supposed to be doing a presentation!

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The Wii was outsold by the PS3 and 360? No way!

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I haven't actually played GTA IV yet. I'm at uni in London and my copy is in the West country at home, but I refuse to play it till my exams are finished. :(

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@fredy - exactly.

Gamers are a fickle bunch, especially in Britain I find. In fact out three of my friends who had PS2s, all of them have 360s and not PS3s. In fact I don't actually know anyone in real life who has a PS3. It's quite, quite annoying.

Now I realise that my three friends don't neccesarily represent the UK as a whole, but I think it does represent the attitude of English teenage guys: they're attracted to a console because of price and games, which I gue...

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