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I am in love with this game.

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you didn't get Burnout?

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I loved Chaos Theory, despite the fact I played the buggy PS2 version. Really looking forward to Conviction.

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I see what you're saying, and I think Sony really dropped the ball for ignoring the importance of online gaming for so long, but what I'm saying is that since they have started to take it seriously i.e. since the huge backlash when the PS3 came out, that they've been doing very well.

Also we have to remember that Sega was quite radical as a Japanese company for being so forward-thinking as regards to online play for the Dreamcast - I believe Phil Harrison when he talked about the...

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Despite everything that's wrong with the Playstation Network, one has to admire how Sony are reacting to consumer's needs. When you think about it, what people are asking, nay demanding, is an online experience, free of charge, of the same calibre as Xbox Live, which has been a primary initiative for Microsoft since Xbox's inception, for Playstion, for which until now online has never been a primary focus.

Microsoft has had 5 years to perfect their service and they charge for it....

4780d ago 3 agree1 disagreeView comment's great to see Sony's attitude change so much in three years as well. If you look the E3 2005 Jack Tretton interview saying that the CGI Killzone 2 Trailer was 'gameplay', and compare that to Shuhei Yoshida's recent statement about 3rd party support, it's clear that Sony is no longer the arrogant company they were coming off the PS2 days.

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I too am deeply troubled by all this. Splinter Cell: Conviction and Bioshock were the reasons I got my 360 - I've always loved the Splinter Cell series (well, the ones that Ubi Montreal made) and I was really looking forward to this one. Officially I think it is still under development, and I'm still looking forward to it - I'm especially interested to see this A.I. that the PS3 apparently can't do.

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What happened to Splinter Cell? huh, Shane?

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^^^ yes. thankyou. It was a dark day for spoiling. Still nothing is confirmed. nothing is confirmed.

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If Greg Kasavin were still at Gamespot, he'd give MGS4 its justified score

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Yes but a 10/10 doesn't mean perfect. These journalists have assigned themselves a 1-10 scale and each score is there to be used. It's like films - a 5 star review doesn't mean it's perfect, just that it has exceeded expectations

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I personally think this mag's reviews are of the hihgest calibre. They're witty, but not offtopic, they tell you what you need to know, rather than concentrating on boring aspects of the game, and they're pretty much always spot-on.

Though I would disagree with their 9/10 reviews of Ratchet and Uncharted.

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oh, have you played it?

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The only thing that has dampened my excitement for this game is the massive spoiler that was on this site a bit ago and has sicne been removed. Still, luckily the evidence for the spoiler was inconclusive enough to make me able to regard it as a wild rumour, and I hope that somehow I'll forget about it by release-time

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I misread that as 'splitscreen = old' for a moment there, and I was almost very cross.

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To me it looked similar to Motorstorm 1, in the speed. That game was less about going really fast than it was about avoiding dangers. Still we haven't seen the rally car yet I don't think, and they usually go way faster than all the other cars

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Yes! This game is looking sweet! in-car view would be awesome but you can't have everything I guess.

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Yes. We could do with more articles like this

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MMO's what? MMO's what? tell me what belongs to MMOs! or tell me what MMO is.

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Spike, did you even read the article? It was comparing the hardware and online service, not the games

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