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2008 had GTA4, MGS4 and LittleBigPlanet

But then 2007 had Portal.


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Yes why is L.A. Noire on there, which, for all we know is vapourware, and neither Heavy Rain, God of War 3 nor Killzone 2 are on there?

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it's ok, you can cancel your approval

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"This may not be new but it will help cheer up the ps3 fanboys a little bit..."

you really think that was a good idea? and the video is not new?

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"Sony is a LittleBitDissapointed with their LittleWeakSales for LittleBigPlanet"

could people please stop using those stupid puns to bash LittleBigPlanet's sales? i mean, come on, it's infantile.

anyway, it's good to see someone from Sony admitting this problem, and resolving to fix it

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Yeah, Double Agent on PS3 is pretty much the lowest of the low points for aweful PS3 ports. It's downright unplayable at times, and there are missing shadow effects and lighting effects.

And it's not that good a game.

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Cheers, and to you!

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Double agent on 360/PS3 is a weak point for the series. It's like Call of Duty, they have 2 developers. Ubi Montreal made SC1, Chaos Theory and the PS2/Xbox version of Double agent. Ubi Shanghai made SC: Pandora Tomorrow and Double Agent on 360/PS3.

Conviction is back to Montreal.

But if you do want to play one SC game, it's got to be Chaos Theory. I reckon you could get a cheap copy for Xbox, it's BC on 360 too.

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Well they're in the biz like everyone else - but even if a rumour doesn't happen as they say it doesn't mean it was ever baseless. Things get cancelled on pretty short notice at trade shows these days

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Shame, I reckon you're missing out. I can see why some people might not like the games but SC1 and Chaos Theory are two of my favourite games.

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I really just want to know what the hell is going on with this game - the premise sounded so cool, the graphics looked really good, and the promise of amazing AI, possible by not having to cater for three gaming systems, really had me hooked.

As for exclusivity, at this point I don't care so much, as long as the game is great.

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Damn I thought that the article was an interview with Batman, who was promoting his game.


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You can't deny how PS3 has progressed since launch, and how far their online service has come, but I wonder if even surpassing 360 in console sales, let alone software sales is even a viable target now.

It seems more and more like the PS3 will end up like the original Xbox - not a failure by any means, and will have an incredible selection of games by the end of the generation and, I'm sure, a much better online service, but also not able to become that mainstream, de-facto games...

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It'd be nice if OPM UK subscribers got this free, and it was like an add-on to the magazine.

It'd be nice, but, sadly, probably won't happen.

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OPM UK rules

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Yeah "Sockboy" made me laugh. Good article other than that, though.

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It'd probably be called Wii Create or something if it was on the Wii

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Phil is the man. But Yoshida gave ICO the go-ahead. Don't make me choose!

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"whomever?" sigh..

And I do look forward to your review of Half-life!

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That'd be sweet. Prob not going to happen though

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