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clearly no-one does any research before posting these things. Even though the source is different, it's not enough of change to warrent a separete news post - it's an alternate source to this

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haha, nice

edit: interesting, it seems I can ask people to write poetry and they do it. hmmmm

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of course - i forget sometimes how many sony/ ex-sony executives are on this site.

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the fist to comment out of Kaz Hirai, Sir Ken Kutarigi and Jack Tretton wins an egg!

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i always imagine a PS3 slim looking like a black shiny Mac Mini. Now that would be gorgeous

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This guy makes a good point. My GOTY last year was definately Portal, and this year it could be something like LittleBigPlanet or Mirror's Edge.

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So, come september:

GTA DLC or Killzone 2? Or LittleBigPlanet? or Gears? or Banjo (maybe?)

that's a toughie

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Ah yes but the point he's making is that GTA4 will sell more PS3s than 360s, which I agree with.

btw i own both and i'm getting the 360 version

edit: now i look dumb! thankyou breakfast! may you be devoured by lunch!

edit 2: thanks. right back atcha

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Yep, that's how they get you. It's almost as if they pretend to be even more ignorant than they are to get maximum responses.

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Oh yeah, i didn't think of that. I remember the time I first came accross N4G. It was a different, more innocent time. But it was also a time with no open zone to lock the maniac in. Shudder..

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The real question is: how much of the greatness accociated with PS3 in 2008 is catch-up, and how much is going above and beyond the competition?

I would argue that in-game XMB and the new Playstation store will make PSN a more comparable service to XBL, but Home is something unique to the system that differenciates the PS3 from the Xbox 360.

One could argue that games like Killzone and Resistance are just trying to give PS3 the same experience as...

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"But also THE system of 2009 and beyond"


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2008 is the PS3s year I think, but, seriously, these articles are getting kind of boring.

I mean, really, are they any better than comments like 'ps3 ftw 2008 resistance 2, GT5 prologue, motorstorm 2 littlebigplanet, mgs4 killzone2 wipeout HD home!! in-gameXMB!!!'


'lol noob gears 2 gona pwn all plus fable 2, ninja gaiden 2, too human, splinter cell 5 (with AI that can't run on ps3 lol!) banjo will pwn stupid ratchet!'

I mean, really? Edit...

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it's a f***ing fiction friday article! It's not news! it's not news for gamers!

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nicely done

- now write a haiku about the open zone

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who are you talking to?

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I know Sony isn't helping, but I wish people would stop comparing this to Gears. I guess they've got a sort of similar art style, but that's kind of it. OK, so, so far the screens haven't been exactly mindblowing, but hey, it isn't finished.

And, yeah the Gears 2 screens look pretty sweet, but again, who cares? If you want a game that looks better than Gears 2 on the PS3, look no further than Killzone 2.

Actually, you know what, Spartaan, you're right, this imbecile ...

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Prologue is owning every other game - this is insane



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It'll be nice when in-game XMB hits. The endless whining will stop..

momentarily at least - then everyone will be demanding in-game Home or something.

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