For everry idiot that says I don't own a ps4.
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I hope Uncharted 4 isn't completely linear this time around. It would be amazing if each level had multiple separate set pieces depending on where the player is going. It would be hard to pull off but legendary and innovative if they were to at the very least attempt it. No more playing it safe.

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Nope, it's not worth it. Plain and simple, supporting this is supporting cash grabs and the exploitation of fanboys.
^ Thanks to games like GZ and fanboys that defend GZ this will be the future of gaming sooner rather than later.

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A good amount of textures are always made in illustrator, photoshop, or zbrush.

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This is the last game that I want on ps4. David Cage is a terrible writer with a talented team of 3d artists. For christs sake he believes that the navajo lived in teepees. >:(
Not to mention his completely pretentious stance that only photorealistic graphics can properly convey emotions. Despite all the stylized games that blow his games away in terms of expressive bel...

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They have over 9200 employees...Ubisoft gets more powerful each year...I for one am happy about all the quality new IPs that they release.

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This is the first next-gen e3. No more tech demos or cutscene trailers. Straight up gameplay. Bring the heat! (/゚Д゚)/

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Punk rock is definitely not the tone they were going all. Kinda confused about how you came to that conclusion. The characters could easily pass for the cast of a tv show about art university students. I go to uarts, so i see these kinda people everyday.

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If doing this actually caused a double rainbow then it would be a confirmed easter egg and not just an odd glitch. :D

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Are you really trying to defend the blatant exploitation of fanboys? So what if it doesn't affect me personally, it affects the gaming industry as a whole. People like you defended the horse armor dlc in oblivion, which led to the trend of ridiculous useless dlc. In fact, you should apply for a job at this extremely awesome website made just for people like you.

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I'd even go further and just include a theater mode like the one found in Halo games. So many epic screenshots and machinima were made from that mode, it should definitely become a mainstream extra feature.

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Doesn't stop the fact that the gameplay looks horrible, especially dat pop-in.

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Some insane attention to detail and AI simulation in GTAV
1.In GTAV when you stealthily assault a civilian and they're still alive, if you just stand by and watch how the crowd reacts, npcs will actually call the police and an ambulance, which will come, several npcs get out of the ambulance and try to revive the woman, then put her in the ambulance, and drive her all the way to the hospital, and take her inside.
2.If you shoot a car's gas tank and drive with it the c...

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I'm guessing that your post is a jab at the fact that GZ has less than an hour of meaningful gameplay. No, DS2 is not a one hour game. Same can't be said for GZ however. 9% story, 91% padding

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In DA:O I got ALOT of disrespect for not only being female but also because I was an elf. It made the plot alittle more compelling and funny to see so many men cringe that a woman was doing their job for them. That wasn't the case in DA2, everyone respects Hawke, and it seems like it's not returning in this game.

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Please do so on the gameplay front and not just on the graphics front next time. The graphics are fine and you don't even need to spruce mess with them at all in the next installment, just please make more varied side missions next time and don't drop character development for other conduits after one main mission for them. And please hire a better writer for the evil side. Evil side=shoehorned in with alot of the dialogue not making sense, i.e. Reggie still telling Delsin he's p...

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So basically we'll walk up and press triangle alot?

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You think that Killzone is the best fps available? Um, not only are there tons of great last gen shooters out there, including the past killzone games which were more fun, but there's also next gen shooters that are better, like BF4(when it works) and Titanfall. And did you REALLY just say that Knack is better than
-supermario 3d world
-supermario galaxy 1/2
Wow if your post is sincere and not sarcasm then i've legitimately lost faith in this site.

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The one that has less fanboys on the internet telling everybody how good their console is compared to the competition and are actually having fun playing their games without feeling bored or burnt out. So in that regard, it's

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Wow, they really believe that the world is only 6,000 years old?! Wtf ಠ_ಠ

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