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It obviously stands for the long awaited "The Prince of Persia" reboot.

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"Deal with it" ? There it is again.

My point of view still hasn't changed, so here are my thoughts about all of this :

Oh well, with this being my 500th comment on N4G, I can't simply walk away.

I do not see how buying used games means that you're not supporting the industry.

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Eh, there are plenty of games that would fit such an event (and Assassin's Creed III isn't one of them!).
From your list, I'd say I Am Alive is the better choice, story/ambiance-wise.

My cousin and I are quite happy with what we chose to do.

Quantum Theory...First time ever, Hard mode, one sitting.

I don't think our deaths will be related to the world's destruction!

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And I agree with you, GenoZStriker.
I remember Resident Evil 5 also being a good port but then there was that Operation Raccoon City disaster....
I have no idea how the Street Fighter ports were handled but I've seen SFvsTekken running smoothly on an average laptop.

I still do not trust Capcom at all. GFWL, Disc-Locked Content, the destruction of great series (RE6...Really, Capcom?). Eh.

It is true that PC ports haven't been great rece...

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For some games, the engine used has its share or complications that demand for an FPS cap to be used (L.A. Noire's 30fps because of the facial animations).

But for DmC, which is running on Unreal, the only limitation on pc will be the hardware (let's hope it is well optimized).

This doesn't change the fact that the game was designed to be played at 30fps, but it sure as hell will feel a lot smoother (not necessarily gameplay-wise).

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Oh hey Mr Bad Guy, nice trick! Going through a car at 2:30 while following a predetermined path...even Bond didn't expect that!

What a great, polished game! /s

Edit : Also, cutting a game's content on purpose before a movie's release has to be one of the silliest things I've seen in this industry. Instead of forcing people to download the missing piece, they should have delayed the whole thing. Ugh! Activision!

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Well Jinkies, it appears you do not even try to understand what you read.

Let's take another look at that quote.

"We were charged with --> reinventing the world and the character, <--

and they were in charge of ensuring we understood the
--> philosophy of Devil May Cry combat <--

and effectively make a --> Japanese combat <--

game within a --> Western story <--." ...

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*looks at title*
Ian Miles Cheong, you are mistaken! William Miles was sort of introduced in Brotherhood and he narrated Revelations' intro. He's also briefly seen in its ending.

Anyway, those who've worked on this Recap video have done a great job at summing-up the whole plot.

The only thing that bothers me is Desmond's face. I believe he's got 3 different faces in this video :/ The only one I'd accept is the A...

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There's no denying it, it really is a true crime.

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There's probably nothing I can do to change your mind but every time I read a comment similar to yours, I feel like it would be wrong to leave without replying.

So I'm sorry for the upcoming link overload! Please, don't murder me :/

Almost every "Ninja Theory" interview, not necessarily hated ones, was all about Tameem Antoniades. Sure, he's important, being the studio's co-founder and Chief Creative, but he's been the only r...

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Oh, I'm sure people will find a suitable name.
It won't take long for the game's community to discuss this on their forums...

What's for sure is that "Zero by ten to the c" won't work.
And what about other languages! Here in France, I'm used to hearing "Meencraft" everyday, and even though it makes me want to explode, it is still comprehensible.
"Zéro fois dix puissance c"...Ahh! No, thanks. ...

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And it is confirmed that this will not be happening :


Now, "Digital Only", begone!

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That was Prince of Persia : The Forgotten Sands right after Prince of Persia 2008/Prodigy/GodModeOn.

One of the worst mistakes Ubisoft has ever done. And I'm still waiting for that PoP sequel, as, unlike what happened to Devil May Cry, the team was done with the Sands of Time story and had only just begun a new one with Elika and the Ahura before deciding that they had to beat a dead horse for the movie's sake.

I'd li...

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Uh, it is possible to play great games and still miss a few along the road.

What's for sure is that 2013 will be packed with a lot of fun experiences and I sure hope everyone will find something that pleases them.

That's probably what you were saying with your comment, Kalowest, but it doesn't change the fact that those who're hating on DMC's new direction are going to miss out if and only if the game ends up being a satisfactory Beat'...

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I wouldn't call Oddworld : Stranger's Wrath one giant chase sequence. You can never know how a game will surprise you.
I believe Prey 2's developers have shown about 15 minutes of gameplay ever since the game's announcement, surely that's not enough to know where they were headed with this project.

Anyway, I do hope they will have it ready for the upcoming generation of gaming.
I wouldn't mind them working on it for another 2 years as l...

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I also hate the way Activision's games are being rehashed whenever possible, but this has nothing to do with David Crane.

He created Pitfall, co-founded Activision and left the company in 1986, partly because of "the way the newly appointed CEO of Activision, Bruce Davis, treated video games more like commodities rather than creative products", according to his Wikipedia page.

I've just read 10's of French comments on Jeuxvideo.com insul...

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Oh, this is one scene I'll never forget. I wanted to play on Hardcore and my last save was used somewhere in Chapter 10.
So there I was, having played for almost 2 hours since I'd saved, ready to beat the game in under 7 hours, in front of that machine.
You can't imagine how stressed I was, and for good reasons. One tiny mistake and it would be over.
And brutal eye lovemaking happened D:

I haven't touched Dead Space 2 since that day (a ...

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Hey, there's a difference between saying that you don't like Half-Life and saying that Half-Life sucks.

You don't need that flame shield.

Anyway, the upcoming Black Mesa mod (Source re-creation of Half-Life 1) might just be what you need to start enjoying the H-L series, unless what you didn't like about it was the setting/gameplay experience, of course.

I still haven't played through Half-Life 2 and its episodes even thou...

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The developers said it will be sold separately as it was built from the ground-up. That's logical.

Stranger's Wrath and Munch's Oddysee will be the ones to receive a free HD patch.

I hope this "Abe HD" will play/feel like its 1997 counterpart :D This first screenshot looks promising!

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Uhh...Wait a minute.

I've played AC 1, 2, Brotherhood and Revelations on PlayStation 3. I've supported Ubisoft throughout these long years of development.
And now that I have finally decided to grab Assassin's Creed III on PC, as I'll probably end up getting an Asus ROG with Nvidia's 700 series next year, I've just been told that some of its content will be cut?

Thank you.\s

Gaming in the 2010's... It was ...

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