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I agree with you xAlmostPro. So many people love to complain of what takes skill and what doesn't. Why doesn't Treyarch just remove the aim-assist completely.

Also, since they're addressing quick scoping I would like to see some anti-camping and anti-noob tubing measures as well. It doesn't seem fair to only gimp one method of play. There should me more counter measures so that one method of play doesn't overpower others.

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Yes you can use more discs to get the equivalent amount of data for Blu-ray, but there's one big fundamental problem that developers and publishers face. It costs extra money to manufacture an extra disc per game. That is, the more discs you manufacture per game the more it cuts into your profits for each game sold!!! You make less money on a game with multiple discs than just shipping a game on one. That is, you've got to sell more copies of the game just to break even.

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Imagine how fun a game would be if everyone camped and no one moved from their spots. Non-stop fun!!!

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From the video the framerate looks to be the same for both. They both even drop down to 22 FPS at one time. Although the colors on the 360 version seems to be more washed out than the PS3 version from the video. I guess I'll get the PS3 version this time around.

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I think SE's best bet is to rename this game to Final Fantasy XV since FFXIV will be out before it anyways. It'll make more sense marketing it than calling it FFvsXIII at least.

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I'm getting dizzy.

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My guess is that they'll show some Bulletstorm multiplayer.

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Are you serious? Microsoft didn't spend years trying to fix RROD if the solution was to just change the washers. The most common form of RROD is when the connections from the BGAs (Ball Grid Array) of the CPU or GPU break do to overheating. This is why you get a system error. It's not easy to fix this if you don't know what you are doing. And sometimes it's just impossible to completely fix.

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Well I wouldn't go that far. I already own a 360 so I can't view this from the consumer's point of view who doesn't, nor do I care to try. But for me, $150 is just too much to spend on this device from the games that I've seen so far. I'd rather spend the money on "traditional" games you control with a controller and not playing charades with my TV.

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Unless Nintendo owns the IP, which seems to be the case of why there's no HD version.

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Dreams do come true. Although I'd buy anything from Studio Ghibli regardless of platform.

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Where's everyone getting their numbers for FFXIII from per platform?

All I remember is that SE released the sales figures for all platforms, which sold about 5.55 million worldwide in total.

And a couple of ranking charts for the console versions in the US and Europe.

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For me Rising and Gears were the highlight of the press conference. Sadly, everything went downhill from there. I was laughing at the sad attempts to show excitement when they were demoing the Kinect games though.

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I still think it counts down to Monday and that MGS:R gameplay footage will be shown at Microsoft's press conference. The slicing symbolizes Raiden's sword for the action gameplay. Or at least that's my guess. Well whatever the date my guess is MGS:R gameplay.

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Don't they say that they're relaunching the 360 like every other year? I remember when the new dashboard redesign was called relaunching the system through software. That really didn't make much of an impact. I just hope this year's "relaunch" will be more than just a box art redesign and something more hardware related other than bundling Natal. You know something slimmer...

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My guess is it's Ken Levine. He's been working on something since BioShock.

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If the motor is confirmed the $150 price tag seems like a sure thing.

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Yes they're great innovations however the context of the article is talking about actual retail risky games. Who's willing to shell out the money to produce/publish games that are a retail long shot? I think Sony deserves some respect in this area. Especially if you consider from ICO's sales Shadow of the Colossus should've never happened but it did. And for ICO and Shadow of the Colossus I'm sure a lot of gamers out there are glad that Sony took that risk.

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Mine are The Last Guardian, Zelda and Marvel vs. Capcom 3.

Also from the Poll Results, shouldn't Star Wars: The Old Republic be in third place instead of Gears 3 since well, 8466 is a bigger number than 8011... Just saying.

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It still boggles the mind how the 360 version of FFXIII sold less despite having almost double the install base in the US as well as an exclusive bundle deal with some exclusive advertising. And 18th spot in Europe... Really, Heavy Rain outsold FFXIII? Wow!

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