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What a time to be alive, boys!

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I'm not sure if you're aware of the Capcom leak from hackers doing a ransomeware attack, but it was leaked that Dragon's Dogma 2 sequel is in the works.

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This sucks, but I’m more upset about the PS1 games being the 50Hz PAL region versions. Like, get your sh*t together.

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Yea, I dunno… maybe I’ll check it out if it’s on sale or Gamepass.

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Thank God!

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What’s there to reevaluate? Didn’t you need to reevaluate things with The Avengers? What is this, strike 2 now? Go ahead make another GaaS game and reevaluate things on that one.

The only way a GaaS game would work for me is if I play a game that feels complete and then you support it with content monthly or seasonally or however y’all do it.

The problem is all the GaaS games I’ve played have felt so shallow and anemic then you start trickling out content...

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I’ll be flat out honest I didn’t enjoy what I’ve seen of the game and I feel like this isn’t what most wanted form a Lord of the Rings game. I hope it turns out well, I hate for a game to fail, but I also question why they went with this direction.

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Tell that to all the people who played Cyberpunk on Last-Gen vs everyone playing on Current-Gen…

Yea, coding is a big thing, but so is power.

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Well… he’s going to show up in FF7 Remake and Ever Crisis at some point and those will be available digitally. They should try to renew the license/contract then.

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Honestly, I don’t feel the open-world design added anything to Infinite. Maybe having a HUB world and making each mission take place somewhere unique looking with different objectives would be cool.

Infinite felt rudimentary when it came to being open-world. I want a better told story and tons of set-piece moments to make an epic Chief story. This game was fine, but it’s not the future I want for Halo.

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I want to have faith in them, but you’re right, it’s hard after seeing what they did to Contra… granted the PS1 Contra games were shite, yet the PS2 games were gold, imo.

However, I’d consider Metal Gear Survive more of a spin-off rather than a sequel.

Let’s hope these Silent Hill games turn out good. I know Konami isn’t working on them, but if they turn out well, then maybe… just maybe, we can get a new MGS game.

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Is AAAA meaning it’s a GaaS game?

Edit: Looking it up and it means basically mega-AAA. Just stick with AAA… Geezus this industry is stuck on stupid sometimes.

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This is really cool. I was kind of going to sit it out on upgrading, but I want to support this so more classic games get this feature.

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I really enjoyed this game. I know it gets a bum rap, but I feel more confident with this studio getting to handle a Silent Hill game after playing this. My only concern with outsourcing the IP to western developers is they tend to go toward horror that is decidedly westernized.

What I'm hoping is someone goes more abstract, eerie, and disturbing instead of just monster jump scares. Like, in Silent Hill 2 there was almost a beauty with the horror and it was more like th...

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Ok, and Konami can't announce a sequel?

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I’ll be frank here, I think the moderators are just as bad. I’ve been blocked as spam for non-trolling and on-topic comments before. I just never bothered to dispute because it’s a comment and life goes on.

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I’m literally playing this now and it bums me out how negative reactions are to this game. I actually think it’s brilliant and haven’t really played anything quite like it. It’s like they had all these small ideas and threw them in a pot to make this game. I’ll admit the story, in parts, is disjointed and not told exceptionally well, but the chill vibe you get from this game and awesome world is pretty impressive.

I’m having fun trying to get all recipes, fill out the besti...

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Honestly, I was hoping it got canceled. If Capcom wants to sell an MP RE game that will get a lot of sales for them, then they need to release Outbreak File 1 and 2 Remastered. I can’t fathom for the life of me why they haven’t done this yet.

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Well, y’see, ol’ Jimbo Ryan is running the show and he’s doing his job as a businessman. Make the company more money in any way he can.

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