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The setting and music!

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This is it, boys. Welcome to next-gen, finally.

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Glad you’re out and able to check this game out. You should give GTA V a try if you haven’t already. Game is pretty immersive and hilarious. This new game just looks extremely next-gen almost unbelievably so.

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I saw like 7 seconds of the leak from Twitter posts and you can tell this is next level. I’m not kidding when I say I’m expecting this to truly usher in next-gen, errr current-gen, but you know what I mean.

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Probably the same thing that’s going on with Beyond Good & Evil 2.

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One that’s less prone to stick drift I hope, I’ve gone through 2 controllers with it. If it happens again I might have to go to the Edge.

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They tested the waters on the IP with an HD Remaster and barely anyone supported it. It sucks because I wish they at least Remastered 2-4. One of my favorite series.

There’s an anime on Netflix I was excited for, but it’s god awful. Like it throws all the lore of Onimusha out the window and is kind of cringe.

Maybe the anime is an indicator like Dragons Dogma before. We’re getting a sequel to that finally.

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Can you explain to me how profit margins and dev costs dictate layoffs? Or strategy changes and financial difficulties brought on by inflation, over-hiring, and higher interest rates affect the decision for layoffs?

I’m not taking a jab at you or anything, I’m genuinely asking if you could explain to me how this is corporate greed and the factors that prove it’s absolutely unnecessary to do so for the survival of a company.

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This actually hurts. I was playing Tactics Ogre Reborn and thinking how amazing it’s going to be to have current-gen HD Remaster or Remake of FF Tactics… really bummed out by this.

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lol ok. If they were stellar they’d absolutely want to mention them for good PR.

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Outbreak and Code Veronica. Hell, I don’t want a Remake of Outbreak File 1 and 2, just do an HD Remaster with a new online server and trophy support.

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Oh for the love of god wtf kind of question is that? You might as well ask players if they’re ok with being bent over a barrel and having a sand-paper condom with no lube used on them.

Are you that out of touch?

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I think it has to do with malaria.

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Indie games are like straight to DVD or Scyfy Channel level movies.

Sometimes you find something great, but most of them feel like student made final projects for Full Sail's game design program.

I will always prefer AA or AAA games and yea, I know that's due to the budget for dev cost, but it also comes down to talent. I played games like Remothered and Tormented Souls and I will always pick Resident Evil over those.

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finally! for the love of I hope they didn't f*ck this up.

Almost every Xbox exclusive release I've been hyped for has been a complete and utter disappointment.

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Another HD remaster…

Are we ever getting a sequel?

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When can we complain about Sony offerings? Seriously, like I made a comment about the classic games not having been stellar and you went up my ass about that.

So, my question is when can we voice our opinions about not being thrilled about the PS+ offerings? I’m pretty sure “never” is your answer.

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Well, there’s always next month.

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It happens to the best of us.

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