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Yes, i'm tired of 24 max players.

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I don't want Samsung logo anywhere on my damn Xbox. Stick to making TV's. That's what you guys do best.

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I'm pretty sure the 360 has a Triple-core IBM based CPU...

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Exclusives don't matter to me. Especially if it's like the PS3. It has a lot of exclusives, but only a handful are actually good. I think i'v spent more time with MGS/Killzone/Little Big Planet than any other PS3 game.

And for 360 it's been Halo, Forza Alan Wake (which is amazing imo :3 )

More exclusives doesn't mean better console. The better console is the one that can run all multiplatform titles the best. In that case, it's the 36...

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Makes me wonder how powerful the PS4/720 is going to be compared to it. Knowing MS/Sony they will be monsters (for consoles anyway)

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It's called personal preference BRO. Sitting up in a chair hunched over a PC for hours on end isn't my idea of comfort. My idea of comfort is sitting on a big ass sofa with some friends (system link) on a 104" HD Projector and 7.1 surround sound.

Second, he's talking NEXT GEN. BRUH...

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This is pretty damn stupid. The game is rated M for mature and has soldiers dropping f-bombs all over the place. God forbid someone says bitch in a sentence. Which btw, is now acceptable on cable TV along with a slur of other words. (Thanks to South Park)

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South Park on the N64... GOOD TIMES! :3

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I hope this game is good.

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You should really get married in Skyrim. It has it's benefits. I married Ysolda and she has a store and will give you gold from the profit she makes.

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I agree. I hate annual games. I used to like them because it meant that I could play the sequel sooner because I was a die-hard fan of said game.

More time = better quality.

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Modern day consoles have way to many moving parts. Especially the 360. (still uses a disc loader/trey). They have fans to keep them cool, mechanical loaders, the little thing that spins the disc, the little needle thing that is used to read the discs etc. Too many moving parts. Something will go wrong.

Back in my day if a game didn't work we blew into the cartridge... *shakes fist* My NES still works to this day.

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What about invisible face masks?

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Error 404- Page not found. Might want to fix this.

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If your not 1st, your last.

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They need to make a good Avengers game. HULK SMASH!

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An announcement for an announcement. This isn't news.

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Have we met? You look familiar. :3

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Not going to win any awards. It's fun but it could be much better if it utilized Natural Motions Endorphin technology.

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Do we really need a top 10 hottest list every week? Don't get me wrong, I love the titties but this is not news.

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