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Big whoop. Can I get an exclusive 360 game that isn't an ARCADE TITLE?!

Deadlight, Trials Evolution, Alan Wake American Nightmare, Minecraft... I mean come on. Enough with the cheap Arcade games! (even though Trails Evo is going to be the shit lol)

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I own all platforms and love them all. But if there is one thing I love about MS over Sony is that they always fix things really quick and i'v never had an issue with an account being hacked.

In MS we trust! :D

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It is time...

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Nothing new.

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lol @ everyone here being completely oblivious to the fact MS and Bethesda has a deal going.

360 get's patches and DLC before PS3. Kinda like how PS3 get's BF3 patches and content before 360. Ignorance is bliss.

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Don't see the appeal in KI. It was a very choppy game compared to other fighters like SF and Mk at the time. Terrible animations to boot with bad gameplay.

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OT- Seems to run fine on my Xbox.

On topic -

No one would ever make jokes about Mudcrabs again! O.O

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In other news, it will also blow complete ass. Stay tuned for the weather.

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The trails games are amazing. I want to play this! MP!? HELLZ YA!

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Most of these aren't even feasible. The only one that looks like it would be sold is number 3. The rest were made by a kid with the downs.

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Why an "I quit" match? It's a video game. I would rather see Punjabi Prison match or Buried Alive! (and Lumber jack)

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How about letting us customize the main characters ethnicity for once?

Maybe I don't want to be a White guy or a Black guy or a Maxican. I want to be a Chinese guy who uses Kung-fu.

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Suckass Entertainment Network.

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"After five years of Microsoft's biggest competitor offering multiplayer for free"

Yea, and look how bad it is. I pay for live so i don't have to worry about having my account hacked or my gaming service go down for months at a time.

Fact is you need live to play online. Even if it's a demo. Live can still hold it's own. A lot of games come with a 72 hour live trail card anyways.

It's to entice people to buy liv...

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Not the one in the thumbnail. Now a 360 controller though... hells yah.

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Crapcom. They will pull a Midway and go bankrupt one day and i'll never see a FPS version of Megaman. Oh well.

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Oh my god. What have they done to my Pokemon? It's been years since i'v played or watched anything pokemon related. The last Pokemon game i ever played was Yellow on Gameboy.

What the hell are all these new pokemon? They look goofy as shit. Are they running out of ideas? The original 151 4 LYFE.

Time to dig my N64 out and play Pokemon stadium!

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Good, maybe now MS will hire someone who actually gives a damn about the Xbox brand.

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Next Xbox better have windows installed then. Just in case i'm too lazy to get up and walk two feet to my PC. :p

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Indeed it would. Modders for UT3 could bring mods to PS3 so i don't see any reason it can't work with Skyrim. :D

Surely they could figure out how to do this for 360 also. It's a massive market and the game was pushed more for the 360 than the other two platforms as well.

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