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More armor AND weapon customization.

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It's up there with Battlefield 3. The bass definitely makes my turtle beaches shake on my head. + on that!

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Not sure if serious...

(edit- I like the part where I got a dislike. Probably from the moron who wrote that article)

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Lmao at all the morons posting. Epscially the PC kids. The 360 version looks WAY better than the PC version. Look at how washed out the PC version looks compared to the vibrancy of the 360 version.

Second of all, it will even play better on 360. Why? Because PC is getting a PORT. HA.. HA..

And who cares about PS3 except retards anyways?

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Demos is amazing. For those of you who have surround sound or Turtle Beach headsets with adjustable "bass", CRANK IT UP!

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The amount of BASS that is in this game. I love it! One of the most amazing sounding games i'v ever played.

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PC players can cry and moan about how consoles are holding them back but by pirating games you are only hurting yourselves. This is why we can't have nice things.

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Better yet, move away from all the childish "anime" style designs.

If you go on google and search "free mmo's" You will find 99$ of them have goofy anime art styles.

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Please hurry! D:

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Why does this say "Xbox 360" screenshots? What other platform is it coming out on? IT'S 360 EXCLUSIVE NOOB!

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And what does this equal in DOLLARS?

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My friend has over 200,000 Gamerscore. Don't believe me? His tag is "CARNAGE RULES".

Without quotes. Be amazed at him having no life! I'll be charging $5 a pop to take a look at this freak.

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Someone probably hacked into their HQ again and stole some stuff like they did when HL2 came out. Now they have to start all over. Look's like we will have to wait another 6 years. xD

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The same as dead-eye works on MP on Red Dead Redemption.

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They also made Moon Base-Alpha which is free on steam. I thought it was pretty fun and required teamwork. Too bad it's only one map and one mission. :(

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I'm a bit mixed. Now that Skyrim has the editor and what not... ok. But it should have had this when the game launched.

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DO NOT GO TO THIS SITE. Google chrome's infamous red screen warned me that it might be malicious.

No thanks!

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So in other words. No good games.

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Game looks amazing. I just hope there are no more goofy "find pills to stay alive" bullcrap this time around though. That got really old.

Also, bring back the map editor! (with bot's we can waypoint for custom missions)

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Would I like it? Yes. Only if it's M for mature though. MK is a hardcore fighter. I don't think Capcom would allow Ryu to get sawn in half by Kung Lao's hat.

Who know's though.

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