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Silly fanboy. Just because the XB1 didn't sell as much as the PS4 you automatically assume it was a flop? Quite the opposite actually. I knew the PS4 was sell like mad right outta the gate, but I am much more impressed the XB1 sold anywhere near as well as it did considering all the negative backlash they received from everybody in the months leading to launch.
You do realize the PS4 AND the XB1 are 2 of the fastest selling consoles ever, right?

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So a bunch of people bought into the hype and bought the game, yay? How many of those people that bought it bought it simply because there was nothing else to buy? 2 million in 2 months isn't even anything special in this day and age where 1 million is considered a total flop and the big exclusives sell 2 million in the first few hours of release.
Anyway,all this really does is ensure that the next game wont evolve and will stay the same lack luster boring GENERIC space shooter.

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Umm, these consoles are already "maxed out", unless someone can find me some evidence that they can run every game at maximum graphical settings at a minimum of 60 fps. Oh yeah, they cant, either of them.
These consoles are mid range pcs, nothing more.

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Dont know why everybody here thinks the PS4 is so powerful. This is the first time ever the new consoles didn't at least compare to high end pcs at launch. This gen is starting out way behind, and will ultimately just hold back developers. You can throw around cost all you want, but any savvy PC user can build a pc that blows the doors off the PS4 for not much more than what the PS4 costs. No clue where this $2000 crap keeps coming from.
Oh yeah, a hardcore gamer will save a few ...

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Who cares. My phone's CPU is faster than the PS4s, what does that mean? That's right, jack squat. You kids will grab at anything to justify your stupid brand loyalty.

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Xbox One update issues ≠ PS4 Hardware failures.

Nice try though

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Evidently, the PS4 is having trouble with AA as well, if they are having to resort to that crappy blur filter to hide aliasing. Just sayin.....

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How the hell do you have a disagree? LMFAO

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They cant, the Sony Blinders™ wont let them.

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Running at a locked 30 is far better than fluctuating between 30 and 60. Stuttering can get horrible like that. Especially on AMD hardware. I speak from experience. hopefully it'll be better on console.

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LMAO, seriously? This is how the fights start, then you will be the first one to bring up the cost of a pc vs. a PS4. You obviously have never seen a high end pc running something like Crysis 3, Witcher 2, even BF 4. I can rip apart the graphics in Killzone if I really wanted to, but I'm not petty like that. Dont start an argument you cant win.

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Yeah, why dont you guys hold your breath on this one. Still waiting for the KZ2 coop they talked about, LOL.

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I think it's hilarious that these consoles kids think pc gaming is so much more expensive. The few hundred dollars more I'll spend building it ( and yeah, only a few, I dont need $800 to build something to blow the PS4 out of the water), Ill save in not having to pay for online services and Steam sales in the first year alone. More expensive my ass.

And the argument of exclusives just shows how ignorant you console kids really are. PC exclusives FAR outnumber console ...

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Old build vs. new build. Nothing to do with PS4 vs. XboxOne. This is a BS comparison and nothing more than troll bait.

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OK, this should be re-titled to "Let's see who's a Sony fanboy", because you people saying Killzone looks the best are full of crap and you all know it.

In these pics, Killzone literally looks last gen compared to all of the other games shown.

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All of you people saying it's not necessary obviously have never played on a real pc gaming rig. Try it, then you'll know why pc gamers are "elitist".

If next gen isnt doing 60 fps, then it isnt next gen, it;s a slightly prettier current gen, which is what this "next gen" is starting to look like.

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This is either a memory leak (most likely) or the GPU overheating. One is a software problem and the other is hardware. Spin in either direction all you want, but we better hope it's not the latter.

If this thing is really pushing power that can rival some gaming PCs, then tablet APU or not, dont be surprised if the PS4 has some pretty significant heat problems. There is a reason gaming PC towers tend to be huge.

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Not true. it doesn't always just shut down. You can experience artifacting, frame rate issues, and/or total freezes.

I've had GPU's in my pc overheat with artifacting and framedrop, and turning it off and back on temporarily fixed the problem, but it would happen again pretty quickly. The vents on the heat sink was all clogged up. cleaned them out, ran fine again for a while, but the card died not long after ( a few months). The damage was already done.

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Of course they will. AMD is the cheapest, and the only way to make it cost efficient. You get what you pay for though.....

I use to be a big AMD fan, but after using an Intel/Nvidia combo for a while now, well, it's gonna take a lot for AMD to win me back.

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Agreed Ju. This is supposed to be next gen, not a slightly upgraded current gen.

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