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"Bias" is a noun. "Biased" is the adjective. The error is in the first sentence of the article. Just some friendly advice from the grammar police if the author is checking out the comments.

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You missed Civ Revolution. That's the one I wanted the most when trophies launched. Having trophies to shoot for would help justify the hundreds of hours I spent on the game.

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Of course, the fellow is entitled to his opinion, but Folklore is the only decent new IP in there. Haze, The Club, and all the "honorable mentions" are indefensible. Maybe... maybe a Heavenly Sword sequel would be worthwhile, with dramatically different design decisions, but it's not like there's some scarcity of God of War style brawlers and military FPS games. IPs that seem to be languishing that deserve sequels: Demon's Souls, Warcraft RTS, Civ: Revolution, Homeworld,...

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Isn't the canon of the story that your Grey Warden sacrifices himself to slay the arch-demon? I know you could choose to have someone else do it, but often in these "multiple pathing" games there's a canonical choice the developers decide "happened." Wouldn't we have to resurrect the Hero of Ferelden to keep using him? I haven't played Awakening, so maybe I've missed something.

I'm also really happy we're ditching the silent pro...

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Seems like it's always Nintendo games that have these kinds of surprise discoveries years later. Is it that people are still playing them to discover the secrets or that the Nintendo development culture is so insular that they can keep secrets for years?

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...if the "modern" Sonic is the only playable version in the game? Really, I'm on the fence about it. There's something alienating and all a bit infuriating about the newer Sonic design. I admit the older, 94-era Sonic was just as commercial/focus-tested, but at least I was their target audience back then. I don't have visceral, gut-level objections to the old model.

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Wish they'd port this one over to the PSN for Move, would make a great launch title.

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I'm also surprised by how deep the movement mechanics are. I imagine after a few weeks you'd be throwing the kiwi off the vines like trampolines...

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Love the visual changes from Japanese sku to Western sku. Fascinating that it's the western market that wants brighter colors, no? Counter stereotype.

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Chris Tolkien seems determined to hold on to the rights for The Sil, Lost Tales, and Children of Hurin. There's enough material in there for decades of games, but he sees himself as curator of the heart of the lore. I'm actually surprised the Tolkien estates are having anything to do with War in the North...

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Since The Hobbit is a more self-contained story (smaller, single-narrative), it's probably better suited for a game than LotR. I guess they could split it into two at the barrel ride chapter, as was rumored with the movies, or give it the Zelda treatment, doing a cell-shaded version and more realistic movie tie-ins.

The Smaug sneaking mission would be fantastic! Think of the gameplay variety: Gollum riddle/puzzle chapter, Gollum chase level, sneaking past the trolls, bar...

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What in the world are you playing at 120 FPS? Counterstrike? Quake?

3044d ago 0 agree0 disagreeView comment is the claim that KZ3, Uncharted 2, and Red Dead Redemption have escaped the Uncanny Valley for facial animation and lip sync. RAGE's in-game NPC interaction is pretty bad by comparison, and the animation woes stand-out precisely because the texture work is so beautiful.

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All the 2010 Samsungs have this feature, but the model I bought (C7000) was broken on day one. Samsung customer service is the worst, so I ended up getting a refund and buying a non 3-D 2010 Panny. It sucks to buy a TV in 2010 and not get 3D, but maybe they'll come out with some kind of USB emitter dongle to upgrade the 2009/10 models that have fast enough refresh rates to 3-D. That would make the entry cost for 3-D much cheaper...

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Honestly, it's hard to tell in this level. The snow is swirling around, you're getting shot from both flanks and vertical heights (this new jetpack verticality is really exciting), and the 3D effect is most-pronounced on the bridges and when landing from using the jetpack. Covering distance feels fantastic, but explosions and things in the distance are subtler. I didn't get close enough to have a grenade go off in my face, but it would be a nice thing for someone to try tomorrow. ...

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Seriously, these are my real impressions, and you'll probably pick up on the sincerity if you read the actual article. The Sony presser was my favorite part of E3 09 ('cept for meeting Shane Bettenhausen), and I'm a PS3 fan like you guys. The conference just wasn't up to par this year.

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Really enjoyed the KB actor. His writer(s) understand our generation's humor very well. I'm amazed they've been able to keep that ad campaign interesting this long. Most of these things fizzle in a month or two, but he just keeps going.

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...seems to be the general sentiment among those I've talked to at the show, but everyone is entitled to an opinion. These are things I suspect most of us were expecting. Their exclusion, especially in the case of games like TLG, Res3, Agent, etc is a bit baffling.

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...between 2008 and 2010 for Kotick? We cheered those 2008 comments about EA sucking the "soul" out of studios they purchased. In fact, it was probably pressure from industry insiders like Kotick, gaming journalists, and hardcore gamers that convinced EA to make the (financially) risky choice to pursue new IP. Kotick was one of the good guys in 2008. So what changed?

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Look better?

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