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Mass effect 2 will be awsum
Just like Uncharted 2 n MAG (and my new ps3) :P

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i love my halo but man...mag is one of the big reasons im buying a ps3!
how many armys are there in mag?

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I wud love to play this T_T but i cant afford a PS3 AND a PSP :(

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Alan wake looks pretty damn good -___-
To me anyways..

But i REALLY want uncharted 2 !!! it will be the first game i get with my new PS3 soon :D

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either way i still want one ! uncharted 2 looks too good

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deff be gettin this next week.Cant wait for my slim! it'll look nice to my sexy 360 :P

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True, the 360 does have it's problems.But ! It makes up for it with it's fun and unique games.Mass effect is my fav, but..

I'm really thinking of picking up a PS3 slim !
i been waiting for the price cut for ages and now is the time for me to make the jump!

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Trophies FTMFW!!
achievements are for n00bs

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You're trolling = Epic fail

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