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I've been saying this for years. Just Cause doesn't need the biggest open world. The last game had massive areas that you never went to because there was nothing there. They should have cut the size in half but fill it without a variety of bases and fun side missions.

What did they do for the new game? Make the world even bigger, we'll have to wait until release but I'm expecting more massive areas that I'll never go to.

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It's their only concern

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Bring it to PC

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Damn surprised to see Jurassic World Evolution that high. Looks good but I'll wait for a sale

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We better get a release date for Ace Combat 7

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There are only 2 reasons to play this game.

The destruction/physics and multiplayer.

Everything else is generic which was the case when the game originally came out. But those 2 things will provide hours and hours of fun. I think I've beaten the game 3 times, never really gets old blowing stuff up especially when there are few games like it.

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Wreckfest, BeamNG and Just Cause are the only recent games that come to mind

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Glad it's free for people on Steam who already have it, looks about the same as the PC version

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3 Steps to Having a Garbage Gaming Website:

Step 1: Guess the Free Games of the Month and be completely wrong 99.9% of the time

Step 2: Publish the actual Free Games of the Month and don't add any opinion on why people should play them

Step 3: Put the free Playstation and Xbox games against each other so you can have the fanboys fight and click on this garbage while still not telling your readers why these games are good or bad.

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It's not a true left 4 dead clone if I can't close the saferoom door and watch my teammates die from the horde outside the door.

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Jaws Unleashed and were getting somewhat of a spiritual successor on PC called Maneater

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Its Bethesda and Fallout, they could make plastic bags with a Fallout logo on it to pickup dog shit and people will buy it.

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When you hear birds chirping and then you remember you started playing after dinner

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These articles are as terrible as Messi in the World Cup

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They would be stupid not to do it since GTA 5 sold at least 10 million copies on Steam.

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Wish the Japanese would get rid of this trash

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Trash article

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If they are going to add a new area can they please make it so it's seamless with the existing map. Always annoying when you have to jump through constant loading screens. Just do what Burnout Paradise did. Large suspension bridge to Big Surf Island.

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My Friend Pedro looks like a lot of fun

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