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But the attach rate is crazy low cause of the scalping. Stupid. They're hurting the generation for all of us...

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You people need to stop...

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Prequel trilogy too please.

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Must be an Xbox gamer

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Let's be realistic. This is a new concept system going up against well established norms. For its first generation in, it doesn't need to win it just needs to survive to be successful.

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Ok mister phantom disagree,


Answer: Konami got rid of it!!!!
Look it up.

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Konami says hi.

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Paul, Paul, Paul.

ONLY on Xbox.

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Oh!!! Let's get the mental counseling!

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Just curious what the price of the PS2 was at this point in its cycle.

Will probably never hit the same numbers, but considering the PS4 has actual competition this generation and is STILL pushing these numbers at this price point tells me that the PS4 is even more of a beast than the PS2 ever was.

You guys ever see a tractor pull? There's way more weight in the PS4s trailer then what the PS2 had to pull.

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Well, PS+ subscriptions don't tell you anything, tbh (see, I can do that too).

Do you have any idea how many players are out there, including myself, who game all the time but never bought into the subscription? You would rather have us believe that it's more logical that there are a lot more people out there buying PS4s to never use them just because that's what you claim you did?

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Why is Mr. Devine here trying to convince people not to buy an Xbox One X? Does it matter?

Wouldn't the number one reason be "because I don't want you to"?

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WTF Sony?

Companies doing dumb s#!t like this is why the issue is such a problem in the first place. Who in their right mind would want to come forward if they knew they were going to be fired the next day?

$20,000 hush money for one is cheap, and to Simply admits that the reason why you're firing him isn't the reason you officially put on record for firing him.

It is an interesting twist that it's a man this time though.

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Don't care.


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It's how Konami treats their good people that's the problem.

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The Chun-Li model looks like she's disgusted with her life. The Cammi model looks like she's disgusted with yours...

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Not really news. Has there ever been a console that has NOT immediately sold out on Amazon? The core group is always larger than the initial installment and is not an indication of anything. Even the Wii U sold out its Amazon pre-orders.

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Maybe forgotten in the west

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My opinion on this hasn't changed.

I still think Konami is going to release a couple of good games.

I still think a lot of people are going to like these games.

I still think Konami treats their employees and talent like shit.

I still think millions of hypocrites who jumped on the FUCKKONAMI bandwagon will suddenly show that they wanted to be just like everybody else but didn't really mean it.

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