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LOL. I don't know. I haven't touched my 360 for a long time. It's a good system, but I don't feel quite right playing it.

ps3 all the way.

ms can get the ugly version, as long as this does not affect the ps3 version.

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you can now get an HD-DVD extension for 50 bucks

HD-DVD * 360 Premium * GTA 4 = Awesome for MS.
Blu-ray * ps3 40 gigs * GTA 4 = Awesome for Sony.

Two awesome things cannot coexist.

I don't care. I have both 360 and ps3. I'll get this game on ps3.

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The reasons are just opinions. And the opinions are not even correct.

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well, new movies in costco is 27 and old ones are 18. That's close enough.

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that's a great idea. Sony should keep on pushing the technology further.

good job Sony

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linux can do those things, and yet it's free

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imagine you have Yuna from final fantasy xii, kasumi from doa, and lara from TR.


I can't believe i won't be able to enjoy that. In 2090. Cyber porn will be possible. That's like 80 years from now. We can't live that long.

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you can always eject by choosing the option.

only when you can play games without using the controller, then it's good.

Wait a minute. what happen to EyeIdentity?

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why do people use beta?

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I own both, and I can't remember the last time I played 360.

i just played games on my ps3 30 minutes ago.

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I dont know. I used to like apples, but for some reason I have stopped liking apples. I mean I can eat apples, but I just don't like apples. Let's go for bananas.

Now Mac and MS are the same in my dictionary. Go Ubuntu. Free, free, and Free!

Please someone put itunes on Ubuntu so I can sync my songs.

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the girl is the reason.

I will now support Firefox because it's so nice!

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I think she does. Let's download firefox 3.

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I switched because I thought I could hold on to that firefox.

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this is old. They have been so quiet lately, so that means they haven't cracked BD+ yet. The article is old.

You don't need to work that hard to change the coding scheme for BD+. Very little tweak, then the hard work will start over again.

slysoft = slice me softly.

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I think he got you there. At first, you were being sarcastic, but then he played around with you. LOL.

Good job, Devil may cry guy.

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The list is incomplete, so it doesn't count.

i don't care who wins. In the end, I have more games to play.

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wow, there are so many geniuses out there. guess what? I'm not going to support you.

as a future developer, I will not support you.

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somebody please tell MS that it's morning!

The weather is so nice today. Wonder why MS is still in bed.

MS, time to go to Reality School. You are not the only one who have GTA IV.

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sony is the mouse and hackers are the cats.

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