i love h8ters
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The guy is using a tweet from one of the biggest xbots clown to do an article 😂😂😂 there's no 40 million players stop the 🧢

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😂😂😂 no is not... Stop acting as if call of duty is the god of gaming or if is a new franchise, game is the same every year, who is going to buy an Xbox to save $70 😂😂😂 my son bought a series s for $100 over a month ago and we don't even use it...Xbox is trash

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Same can be said about cod

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No is not, my son bought a series s for $100 and 3 months of gameass premium and neither him or my self have spent more than 1hr playing it, the service is bot all that and i Rather buy than it'd rent

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😂😂😂 Xbox sucks

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This game is not 100/100 😂 can't do 30fps can't do 1080p and the fighting is lame as hell

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Another bad decision 😂the game is trash and if you think that releasing on the Xbox platform would help them you're out of your damn mind. Xbots don't buy games gameass is the welfare of gaming

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I don't want to hear anything about $70 games any more.

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Cod is not the same anymore, I didn't buy this one or mw3 and I no longer care about the franchise... People complain about Spider-Man 2 as being a copy paste but cod is the same game every single year and they're ok with that.

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So it will be another masterpiece! Thank you!
No it won't the first game was boring as hell and this one looks just as boring

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Port begging 😂😂😂

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@Gridknac The Original Xbox did 480p most of the time with the slight potential to upscale to 720p.

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This is dumb Stuff right here, PlayStation fan here since PS1 and there's no way in hell I'll behave like all this moron's. They all looking for attention. I don't feel bad for none of them

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The game looks nothing like the video, check out the picture

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Now I understand what happened to Starfield 😂

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2 years later and no game pass update and 200 million users but no break down showing what percentage is Xbox 😂

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Company I worked for 13 years merged with another company and I got laid off last week

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I guess this is how they're trying get those numbers higher 😂😂😂

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Blood money was a good mode

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