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so why has it taken till now for gears to have one? and why is bulletstorm written by 3 year olds?

come back and say that when you have a long in depth story game that doesn't remind me of gears

ggood work on gears 3 though its doing a very good job at occupying me till skyrim

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yeah parents who want there savage kids to shut up and drug addicts who don't speak proper English and wouldn't be able to tell the difference between a good game and a piece of crap that's been recycled for the past 4 years

sorry but i take quality over piece of recycled crap with bland game play and a campaign that says it okay to massively shoot innocent people......idiot

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maybe update your game and people will take your game seriously instead of a 12 year old babysitting game cause thats about all its worth

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never dealt with comcast.....but verizon is terrible with tv and internet providing not to mention they use low quality stuff and say its new

plus i don't watch tv so i don't really care about tv service on my xbox

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so long as john milius is still the writer for the story i don't care there engine will add to homefront's awesome gameplay

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id guess 2014 seeing as how devs are just finally starting to push each console to there limit instead of rushing games

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so im guessing everyone complaining actually bought the whole 45 buck package?

same thing happens with cod maps
"$15 bucks is so stupid".....*buys anyway to jerkoff with friends* sad really....this is why i won't touch a cod game ever

not to mention they sell each individually so who cares if you don't want them shut up and play the game and if you do well good for you

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lol i know that was sarcasm but there is a rainbow skin you can buy

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meh only reason why ill maybe watch the game play videos of ME3 is to see the ending but other than that its complete new bioware crap, old republic is the only classic bioware game they have left

but assassin's creed i can't wait for but i want to see the end of the plot with AC3

but they should have skyrim on that list, biggest game of this year by far

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yeah rainbow six vegas....say for the fact that vegas was a complete joke on rainbow six and a disgrace to the tom clancy classic

oh and you forgot to mention like every ps3 fanboy seems to do is that ps3 died within 5 minutes of starting and the yyod is equal to the amount of rrod.....but sony will never admit it just like they wouldn't have admitted there network being hacked if it weren't for the personal and cc info

i love my ps3 but you ps3 fanb...

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starting to get annoyed already, im already seeing christmas stuff out now....only makes sense that sept- the rest of the year is the holiday shopping season everyone gearing up for the holiday's

glad i got out of retail finally

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can't wait to see the final product....and i thought the january game play demo was truly amazing if this is due out next year it will be my most anticipated game

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way to promote cheating ign......

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zombie apocalypse vs cyber punk? sad and stupid comparison almost as stupid as the gears vs resistance comparison

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yeah thank god they realized there was more colors than brown variants

that pissed me off with gears 1 & 2 because you couldn't tall anything apart because it was all the same

gears 3 is the beast out of all of them

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cait wait if its true or not been following dead space from the announcement of the first one

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nice but whoever wrote up the rating summery spelt Dovakiin wrong.....idiots

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it also depends on how many game reservations and power up reward card subscriptions an employee gets too

these surveys also are the voice of the store managers yearly raise meaning if you get a lot of bad ones you get a bad raise

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nice, can't wait to get out of work to add to that number set sure a lot of people are with me

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wah just cause the calender dose not say its fall which start friday

leaves are changed here already i consider it fall sept 1st

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