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I honestly think you believe Sony can do no wrong, which is definitely not the case.

Days Gone is probably on my list of Top 10 games I have played. One of the few console games I have every played through twice. Makes me wish Sony would sell that studio to MS LOL. Where is your source that this game was going in the direction of a DayZ game, were you in on the pitch meeting?

I agree with you on Kojima

People are still using the PS3...

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I remember I bought the original Xbox because I figured I would probably just sell it. For some reason I bought Halo for it, had no idea what the game was. I decided I would try it out and just sell open box. 7 hours later I was still playing Halo. Needless to say, I kept the Xbox. For me that was the best launch day game. Second place is surprising, Wii Sports. That was my first Nintendo system, and for multiplayer that was the most fun that could be had at any age.

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12 Bit ..nice, now if there were only 12bit TVs, because they aren't out

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How about fixing the several Mystery achievements, pig, dude on a hill, escape room, so a can get my trophy!

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I just started playing, have about 2 hours into it. I don't always like the camera controls and movement, but there is a reason behind it. I give them credit for doing something this is different, and so far is succeeds more than it stumbles. I am enjoying it. 8/10 so far for me. I can also see where it might interesting on the PS5, it does use the controller feedback quite often on the Xbox controller and this could benefit the PS5 controller

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Ok, so I pre-ordered, downloaded and was ready to try out this AM before work. I keep getting the message: Too Early to Play, but it is launch day WTF?

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I expect Sony to do better, but what this article does not take into consideration is that MS had two consoles, so the number will be less if you take PS5 (two versions) and Xbox (2 console versions) for total console sales.

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I think the poster makes some valid points, I have AC on My Series X and Spiderman for my PS5. Not offended, but based on his article history he proclaimed the Sony PS5 the winner even before it came and with the best console line up of any generation. I love Spiderman, played it on my PS4 Pro w/all expansions, but to say the lineup is killer on either system is a poor statement. Xbox is non existant. On PS5, Beyond Spiderman, and a remake, not much to write home about. Do I think his ...

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In Assassin's creed Vahalla it is about 20% effective. most of the times it has to restart, at least based on my expereince. At least we have SSDs and the load times are fast

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Great numbers. 2.5 mil, probably 1.9 mil still in BoT scalpers hands lol

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Free with my EVGA FTW3 UltraRTX-3090 so I will give it a shot

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I say worst launch games (quantity, NOT quality) wise for any console launch. PS5 definitely has the leg up, but neither one has blown me away. Looking forward to Spiderman, but that's about it for either console from a first party perspective.

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When I buy a new console, the thing that excites me most are the games, for me the UI, as long as its useable is an afterthought. It wouldn't even make my top 10 reasons to buy a new console. Right now Sony has both the better looking UI and games. That being said, I think that situation will be drastically more competitive 6-8 months from now when MS 1st party studios have had enough time for new game development.

What is a lot more important that UI to me. Numbe...

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So compare a 500 console with a maxed out Spec PC worth around 3-4K worth of equipment, yep that's a fair comparison LOL. The video card alone is worth 3 Xbox one Series Xs

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OMG the UI is only 1080P, that is a deal breaker (insert sarcasm)

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Doesn't surprise me that PS will start out with a significant lead, they already have a significant lead established. What I will be curious to see, is if MS studio acquisitions and cloud strategy resonates with gamers. They are not off to the best start, but had a lot of ground to make up. I think they will be much better off this generation. Competition is good, fanboys are not.

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No good IP's? Will disagree. Batman, Lord of the Rings, Hitman? Gotham Nights and the new Suicide Squad games look great as well.

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I wouldn't be so worried, I am sure there will be software updates to speed up boot time, I would be more worried about the 662Gb of usable space, that is not a lot w/o a second matching drive option.

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