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i already replay some games just for fun, would enjoy this, but its not a make or break thing. trophies are fun to collect sometimes, but thats it, im not going to change any plans i have to go back and get trophies

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i would just like to say, about your tv, that samsung has the same quality tvs as sony does. samsung manufactures the screens for sony televisions, they have for many years. i dont think sony manufactures any television screens anymore

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best handheld ive ever owned so far, hope to keep seeing those game announcements

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kinect has only sold about 4 million since then, incredibly bad considering its 500 million dollars marketing budget. we could also look at wii sales and see that theyre the worst that theyve ever been, but there are a lot of reasons for that, not just motion controls.

these kinds of controls just arent selling well right now, sonys not doing anything wrong, they were probably right in not investing a lot of money into motion controls

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that was pretty awesome

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using touchpads exclusively for controls is pretty much going to guarantee a bad game

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i bought a sports champion/medieval moves bundle for $70 because my cousin wanted to try it, its not bad, i dont use it very often, but i think ive gotten $70 out of it. not to mention killzone 3 is pretty fun with it :)

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if it had less than 512 mb memory it would get laughed out of the market, of course its going to have more memory. and higher resolution? maybe a higher resolution proportional to screen size, but cmon, thats not real resolution.

sensationalist statement, probably trying to sell his horrible ipad game

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hm... have you tried copying the install file that you download to your ps3 to your vita? that works for a lot of games

all ps1 games are compatible through remote play on your ps3

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there is a vandal hearts on psn, but its not a remake. its also not a bad game, the graphics are pretty bad, but i enjoyed it

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when i think kids games i think stories that dont have any serious content. blood and gorez and blood and blood and gorez are games that i classify as juvenile. when a game has a story that has a kind of serious story is what i consider a mature game

lots of different age groups can enjoy all three types, but theres a market in mind when producing the game

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so because sony is paying to give capcoms DLC out to their customers, its their fault that theyre not giving it out to more people?

sony is paying to give this content to people who support their platforms, its a good thing for consumers, not a bad thing.

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if the hardware changes significantly (CPU or GPU compenents) then its different from what all other consoles are. consoles have static hardware to make full use of said hardware, gaming pcs have dynamic hardware that are all taken into account so none of them are ever truly maximized

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capcoms going to respond by doing it again because consumers are retarded. if consumers stopped buying it, capcom would stop doing it. consumers keep buying it, so capcom thinks that thats what consumers want, capcoms doing what the market says capcom should do

if capcom (or any company, capcom isnt the only one who does this, microsoft does it as well, and on a much larger scale) thinks they can make more money by withholding things until you pay theyre going to withhold tho...

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you know ps3 owners have it good when theyre arguing over which exclusive games are the best

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@nirwanda cell phone/tablet markets are a different market, you pay a premium for the hardware instead of paying cost (or below cost) so retail can make money from it, it only works because there are so many phone sales, sometimes android sells more phones in one month than any gaming console sells in a year, not to mention weight/size is much less so storage cost isnt as much.

3 years ago, for instance, walmart was loosing like 45 cents for every wii they sold, theres no way...

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you do realize that valve cant continue to do sales if they start relying on retain to sell any hardware, right?

no retail store would sell hardware that can out compete their software sales, its the reason why no platform with a hardware counterpart will never go digital, who would sell the hardware? retail stores wont.

if anything valve will just start selling premade desktop pcs that are made for gaming, same thing dell does with their alienware line

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i thought bioware stopped making rpgs

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the first time i played uncharted i thought the controls were pretty intuitive, when i got to uncharted 2 i didnt think controls got any better.

i havnt had any problems with golden abyss either

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i doubt we will see games like call of duty or god of war here, those are western type games, we're going to see japanese type games at this event. it is a japenese event after all

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