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My god I miss them. Each of their X-Com games came with a big manual.

Not to mention other companies' games like Baldur's Gate, which shipped with enough documentation you could practically start your own Table top version of it.

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When you use the word "your", instead of "you're", clearly we need more literature, not less.

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Thank you. I just had to swallow my own vomit.

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I can't wait for the nuclear sub DLC!

Lol at the papers, everything is a [insert video game name here]-style [insert horrific event here].

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No 10/10 for a AAA 360 game!?

Shitstorm in....

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Seems to me that with a new engine, they're worried the 360 may not be able to handle the performance?

It would be a shame to see a whole game suffer because of one platform, but Microsoft holds a lot for sway, and it has happened before (Scrapyard, Thief 3, DE:Invisible War).

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Ah Red Faction. So promising.

After the first level, Geo Mod was quickly cancelled for boring corridor shooting.

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Is it still a streak if it is interrupted? I mean, what else can you do in the game besides kill, or die?

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Surely if you can optimize the code to make the PS3 and 360 beautiful, the PC will look even better without effort?

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This is Bethesda we're talking about.

Even when they only made PC games they ended up buggy and unoptimized for several months after release.

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Not all SP games - some are restricted by developer or publisher.

Still a form of DRM.

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Says one thing, does another.

Why can't I play all my Singleplayer-only games in Offline mode?

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Assassin's Creed could have been much better if it were a game, and not Virtual Tour: Jerusalem.

When you list "Sitting on Bench" as a mission, you know you've spent too much time making a believable game world, and forgot to include the game.

Thankfully the sequel was much better in that it had game play. Now if only they can get rid of the horrible Genetic History plot, and let us just be an Assassin from a given time.

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Honestly, you'll be waiting like at most 40 seconds without the install.

I'm glad I started gaming on a Commodore 64 with a Cassette tape deck. After waiting 20 minutes for a game to load, you tend to appreciate how quickly modern games load.

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On console, I think most likely Uncharted 3. Nobody knows one platform inside out like Naughty Dog.

On PC? A definite fight between Rage and Battlefield 3.

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Gritty 15th Century England?


Is this a noir story about private detective?

Filthy would be a better adjective, surely.

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My interest in Spider-Man games is proportionate to the amount of women in leather catsuits included.

Shackhoff's voice is a bonus :)

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What's the mandatory install size for PC?

Oh that's right, it doesn't matter on PC because loading to HDD is faster and everybody likes that.

So why in an age where consoles have never been closer to performing as well as PCs, is this still a bloody issue?!

Who cares! You could migrate to a 500GB HDD on PS3 and PC because they're your common or garden 2.5" drives.

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Oh? Ubisoft are just lazy? That's alright then.

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Left 4 Dead? Yes.
Fable 1 and 2 (not 3)? Yes.
Mass Effect 1? Yes.
I think there are more games I'd like from the first couple of years than anything recent.

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