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"MS is still the running joke of the gaming industry" lol says who? You? You speak for all the gaming industry and its developers?

Most gaming coverage of Xbox since the last year pretty much most positive: backwards compatibility, game pass being the best deal in gaming, better versions of multiplat, consumer friendly-ness, no censorship of games...

Just look at the difference of the press reaction between the reveal of Xbox One and Xbox serie...

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A lot of people can get really invested in a story, and therefore the characters in that story. The voice work by a particular actor can lend a lot of character and personality to those characters.

From my perspective, fully-fleshed out story and characters are important, and that includes the voice actors' work.

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That doesn't make any sense. If Microsoft had no faith in Sea of Thieves, then Sea of Thieves would not have made it past planning and Rare would be working on another game.

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I hope it's Alan Wake 2 :D! I mean, they already pulled the rug under us when they announced QB (which looks amazing but still) instead of AW2 and acknowledge that, so I'm sure they wouldn't do that again right? RIGHT?!

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Well, if it means that the game will have more sales and is then more likely to get a sequel, then it makes some sense. Some of the most requested Xbox games like Lost Odyssey 2, Alan Wake 2, etc. may have already had their sequel if they had also released on PC day one and then had more success. Since I believe he said this was intended as a franchise, then it makes some sense, if this means that the chances of getting ReCore 2 relatively soon (instead of waiting 10+ yrs for Shenmue 3 for ex...

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Looking forward to Oxenfree

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Killer Instinct has been out since 2013. If some people still havent bought an One for it in 2016 it is possible they wouldn't have bought it anyway. It is still one less reason but not that big a loss is. And is a remastered game really that big of a system seller to lose anyway? Gears 4 is still only on Xbox, and making the remastered version is a smart way of getting pc gamers interested in when Gears 4 on Xbox comes out. So unlike Killer Instinct, "losi...

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That's pretty cool. Games seem to be getting bigger and more mainstream. I wouldn't mind seeing video game trailers before movies.

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So they're console exclusives...

''As for argument being used "against XBO", that's because almost only xbox fanboys are calling multiplat games as Xbox exclusives.''

Please, the amount of times I've seen Sony fanboys brag about Street Fighter V, Shenmue 3 and No Man's Sky being PS4 exclusives is too damn high.

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I hope nothing gets delayed. I'm looking forward to Recore and Scalebound

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the point wasnT about a dick measuring contest, it was that there is still a large percentage of PS4 exclusives that will be on PC, but that argument is mostly only ever used against XBO, which is hypocritical.

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I hope none of them get delayed. I want to play them as soon as possible :)

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Black Ops 3 and Star Wars Battlefront also have 30$ off right now, and it's after Black Friday....

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Where I am Star Wars Battlefront and Call of Duty were given for free for a while. I guess that means those games flopped and we'll never see sequels to those... Really guys it's called holiday sales, always trying to spin negative news out of nothing

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Square Enix had no problem selling Star Ocean 4 at 60$ when it launched 1 year later on ps3. If there is money to be made and peoplewill buy it anyway after waiting one year, they'll do it.

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Do you have a source on that? Otherwise I will have to call that claim into question. It's just clear by examining the data: Gears of War: Ultimate Edition Xbox One and Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection are both the most popular Xbox One and PS4 bundle sellers (being the cheapest), yet GoW:UE still sits at 0.51 while U:TNDC has increased very quickly


Uncharted The Nathan Drake Collection is a bundled game that is physical. The bundles for Rise of the Tomb Raider, Forza 6 and Gears of War Ultimate are all digital. VGchartz does not include digital sales of games. That's why Uncharted:TNDC has increased so quickly in the last few weeks, and Gears of War Ultimate is still 510k despite being Microsoft's fastest selling Xbox One bundle. Who knows where Gears of War: UE, Forza 6 and ROTR would be it the bundle had a physical release?

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It's way too early to say whether this game will flop, but I don't think it will. I have never played a JRPG and even I am excited by this game. I think it has global appeal, I mean, who doesn't like giant fire breathing dragons that you can ride? Its success really depend on how this game will be marketed. Emphasizing the giant dragon as your companion could really draw on the imagination of many people.

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