"Starcraft 2, 93 Metacritic PC has no good exclusives wah?"


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Microsoft deserve respect for creating the best gaming platform of all time ....

The PC!

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Yeah would be epic on PC

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Ironstar is a biased joke, they embarass themselves every time they put an article up.

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Bu bu but consoles can do this

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Hahaha and all the PS3 fanboys were so looking forward to it.

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Ahahahha the words console and dedicated should never and will rarely ever be associated, keep dreaming though.

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They probably realised it looked like crap because they couldn't even do subpar HD, (PC the only true 1080P 3D platform)

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Lol what kind of PC gamer doesn't have Steam installed before hand? Clearly a noob looking to complain

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Yeah and I'm sure its the same damage model for each car, seriously you guys praise this game way too much.

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We ride on kangaroos to school, true story......

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Cmon TESV!

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Why just Steve Jobs, hate apple!

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Wow so many butthurt fanboys 'bu bu but Cnet is biased', we'll just wait for the reviews of all the other sites and then of course it will be Eurogamer is biased to MS, IGN is biased to MS. Probably the only sites that will give it 5/5 or 10/10 are the plethora of pro Sony sites on here run by fanboys who just want to make themselves feel good and defy proper reviewing sites.

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TheThrills4Life is too true

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Yeah if you're counting a 720P game which runs at 30FPS and has LOADING for 5 seconds when you're trying to play the game. Another biased article....

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Lol poor consoles never in true 1080P HD :'(

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Nexus wars is only really fun if you play with people who know how to play, if the other team all know and you have a noob on your team then your screwed.

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Take2 solely relies on Rockstar now lol

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For the millionth time an article about how consoles are inferior to PC, its really just getting old but then again I spose console buyers need to feel justified about their purchase somehow....

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