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Even with GameSpot's review score it is sitting on a 91 at metacritic. In my view that still puts it in line for game of the year.

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How long is PS plus collection available for though? If they guarantee it will be available for 12 + months then great. If not they should allow everyone to access the games due to supply shortages.

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I dislike digital and sell my games, whilst also being a fan of backwards compatibility. Digital is more expensive than physical and there are many games I will only ever play once. As an example in Australia I preordered Valhalla for $69.99, the digital version is $99.99. Once finished I sell the games I have no interest in playing again. As for backwards compatibility I have hundreds of PS plus and Xbox Live GWG games, I do replay some of these. Also when GWG or psplus add a game I own I ...

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Firstly just to agree, discless consoles should be avoided. The one issue I have with your comment is that gears of war runs at 720p. My understanding is it can run at 1440p and also 120fps. Where did you get 720p from?
Either way makes no difference to me, I will pick up the series X and ps5 next week, but have no interest in their discless counterparts. I also think the series s GPU should at least offer 50% of the power of the series X. 4tflops or 1/3rd of the power seems too low...

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On Xbox series X I have gears tactics, gears 5 campaign update ( December) and medium. Plus Valhalla and cyberpunk.
On Ps5 I have miles morales and the ps5 plus collection of games I haven't played ( days gone stands out for me) . Plus I am tempted by Godfall.
I'm pretty happy with my launch games on both consoles and this is enough for me to play for a while.

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It launches with gears tactics and an expansion for gears 5 in December. To say it has no games is just misleading.

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It might if it is due to lighting effects. In the last picture I notice a difference, they added a bin. Otherwise I can't tell them apart at all.

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1 million Xbox series X consoles....

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Don't even need to attempt 8k until ps7 onwards. Let's get back to graphics, 4k is good enough for years to come.

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Not an issue in Australia. Everything comes with an implied warranty. This means all goods should last a "reasonable expected time". So a console is covered for a minimum of a few years. A cheap Tv as another example might be covered 1-2 years, but a top of the range OLED on the other hand would be covered for for 4-5 years regardless of manufacturers warranty length. Great to live in a country where high standards and longevity are legally mandated.

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Not sure they need to do much more. A few Japanese developers might be needed. If they buy any other company I still think Do Not Nod are likely. Their games constantly appear on game pass day one and they published their last release. They have plenty of studios now though.

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The improvement is night and day. Buildings in the distance, extra details on the foliage and full reflections on the windows. Pretty big difference.

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All ms games will come to PC, the only negative I can see is that they could be windows store exclusives. Either way ms doesn't care and gets your money if you buy them.

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"Lacklustre like fallout 4" I have disagree on this, fallout 4 was a great game and hugely popular. Even the meta score sits around 88. I would say the same for Doom, this was another highly praised game.

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Spending the best part of a day trying to preorder an xsx felt like a lot of wasted time. Waiting in line at least you can have a bit of fun, it's not just add to cart, refresh, add to cart refresh, until the sale finally gets through ( 4 hours on the third release batch in my case)

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Stores should limit sales of 1-2 consoles per address for day one orders. They should also ensure verified addresses. In addition eBay should not allow preorder resales to exceed 20% of the original price. That's my view.

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I have preordered every new console since the N64 and have never seen a fiasco like this. This is the first time I have been unable to secure a day one release of any console ( Xbox sX is not secured, PS5 is). Usually providing you either hop online in the first two hours ( recent times) or go in store in the morning you could get a day one console. The issue this time is the sheer number of bots and scalpers. In large I blame eBay for allowing resales. They should stamp it out and cancel any...

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Fallout 5 would be very welcome for me, but my biggest hope would be evil within 3. I really enjoyed the first 2. A prey sequel would also be welcome.

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