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What is this "Grand" Turismo you speak of?

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HBOGO.....Finally. and I'll take NFS rivals vita for 5 bucks thank you vey much.

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If your gay you'll probably know who kirk and madsen are and you'd be familiar with their writings. It's safe to assume you know what I was referring to.

If you truly don't know who they are take a few minutes and look them up.

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All part of the gay agenda first proposed by Marshall Kirk and Hunter Madsen. This is just the beginning. If you don't like it prepare to be labeled homophobes.

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Why a picture of Space Ghost?

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The sad thing is, he's trying to portray himself as a "REAL" gamer.

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No you aren't, you're a sad little glitcher, hacker and cheater trying to convince everyone else that you're a legit gamer. You are a disgrace to real gamers......

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It was a sea of green at my local GameStop yesterday, inside and out. You'd think they were being funded entirely by MS. All of the Sony merch has been moved to the back of the store and when I asked the kid behind the counter why he said corporate dictates that kinda stuff. I try to do as little business there as possible.

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They were banished to.........The Open Zone

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Exactly........ Have a bubble for being intelligent.

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I had the same a few hours ago. A refresh on both my modem and router fixed it. Hopefully it works for you as well.

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So after you get your free games from MS you're gonna stop paying for live?...... Me thinks not.

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Seems as if Cliff may be just a little @$$-hurt. He does however point out a major problem in our hobby....the CASUALS...I for one am not a COD player, I don't buy the yearly Madden games and I have never played angry birds.

This coming gen we gamers are gonna have to hold the line or we'll see the industry being run by nothing but greedy, salty @$$ clowns like Cliffy B. and giant mega game publishers like Capcom and EA.

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Ico, Shadow of the colossus, journey, heavy rain and the last of us... just to name a few of the games they should consider more than just dumb shooters.

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That's the problem with the industry, too many business men screwing it up. Sleazy people invading my hobby left and right. Makes me feel ashamed to be a gamer sometimes.

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Glad to know that there are some people that understand the first sale doctrine and recognize that MS's new console is trying to completely bypass it.
You still have people out there who will try to say that we don't own our games after we've purchased them. $60 for a new game can be considered a rental fee If all we're paying for is the right to play a game when we purchase it. I for one am not OK with that.

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@ 1:30 in the video, What the hell? "The PS3 has been a forgotten console that allowed the Xbox 360 to overrun the market, and the Wii had the small little lower end family based market."

He also thinks that devs are gonna flock to MS's DRM machine thus forcing gamers to do the same. As if we can't influence devs by purchasing a DRM free console and saying this is where we'll be if you want us to purchase your games you'll follow us and not the othe...

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Kinda hard to get excited for exclusives when we all know they're trying to compensate for screwing over gamers with all the restrictions they built into the Xbox one. Do they really think all gamers are complete mindless idiots?

# @adam_orth, Sony dealt with

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Plus is a great deal, tons of free games,avatars,themes and discounts also Netflix and other apps won't be stuck behind a pay-wall.

# @adam_orth, Sony dealt with

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MS dominating the competition...Really?...SMFH.. . Nice to see you burning thru those bubbles.

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