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You are a disgusting typical console gamer. Console gamers like you don't mind paying for console games, but want their PC games free (pirated).

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LOL. Good one about people complaining in official forums.

As for the game, I don't think it's even worth pirating.

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Just by reading the title I automatically knew this was coming from dualshockers. They are such a piece of crap web site always looking for hits.

As for X1 Japanease sales everybody knew the X1 would have crappy sales over there. No surprise.

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"hundreds of millions"

LOL. Exaggerating much! Paying "hundreds of millions" would have to be a exclusive like Grand Theft Auto or Call of Duty... certainly not Japanese exclusives.

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Home consoles are selling poorly in Japan. X1 will be no different... even selling worse then the WiiU and PS4.

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Looks like good games.

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Title for the site.
"The latest in PS4 and PS Vita."

LOL. Playstation sites are popping up everywhere... and with no surprise, giving 9's and 10's to Playstation games. Game might even be good, but from sites like this, I will take their reviews with a grain of salt.

EDIT: @NattyGraham
"Stay mad!!! "
Seriously!!! How old are you? It's probably past your bed time.

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Another opinion piece.

Opinions are like a**holes, everyone's got one.

As for PS+ (PS4 games) and XBLA Gold (X1 games), in MY OPINION, at this moment both of them are crap, not worth 50€ a year.

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Yep. Xbox is practically dead in Japan... and Microsoft ignoring TGS won't help. Microsoft needs a few JRPG's to increase their sales over there.

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They will probably add a new game every month.

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Why all the fuss? PC multiplatform games have been gimped by consoles for ages.

BTW, I find this interesting from the article...
“I’m not sure if many people realize it, but resolutions far exceeding the 1080p PS4 is practically capable of are quite plentiful in mobile. High end tablets have 2560×1600 screens, for example. That’s a lot of pixels.”

yikes. I guess mobile devices will reach 4k resolution in a few years.

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Give me a GTX 950 TI for 150€, and I'm good to go for the next 3-4 years.

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There are a lot of crazy people on the internet.

... and a lot of corrupt self entitled "journalists" that provoke those crazy people, specially in the gaming world.

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"Dreamfall Chapters: Sony more "proactive” than Microsoft, "it made sense to go with PlayStation""

Translating... Sony paid us, Microsoft and Nintendo (for the supposed announced WiiU version) didn't.

As for me, getting the PC version.

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Yep, exclusive means that a game can only be played on one platform. It's exclusives that sell consoles, not timed exclusives. It's exclusives that differentiates a specific console from other consoles.

Unless it's the console maker that's paying for the entire development (and something extra for the effort) of the 3rd party game, I find some 3rd party developers pretty stupid to make exclusives deals (or timed exclusive) for just a little extra cash. Timed e...

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Yep, looks like crap.

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With the amount of Sony fanboys in N4G, it's most likely a few of them are Sony workers.

... or are you that naive and think Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo don't hire people to roam around gaming sites posting articles and PR crap to convince people to purchase their console and games.

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There is a X1 bundle in my country (Portugal) that's quite good, but the gaming market over here is mostly dominated by Playstation.
Xbox One + FIFA 15 + Forza 5 = 399€

There is also a very good bundle in Amazon Germany.
Xbox One + Halo Master Chief + Destiny = 399€

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If Xbox wants to challenge in Japan, then they need JRPG's. Western games aren't going to cut it over there.

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