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Not even Vita could ruin one of the best PS2 games of all time

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Quite impressive sales, its even surpassed the PS3 LTD sales already. No surprise though Nintendo has always dominated Japan.

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Its amazing even being the oldest console the 360 is still selling the most. It will definitely have a 10 year life-span easily.

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If COD couldn't save it, then nothing can.

All it can hope for now is just the hardcore playstation fans to buy it when the price goes down.

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So why does the DS/3DS outsell the PSP/Vita?

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Unlikely the only reason the PS1/PS2 dominated was because of the third party exclusives such as FF, MGS, GTA, Tekken, DMC, RE etc.

Now that they are all multi-platform the PS brand has a high chance of being in 3rd place for a second time.

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Im not surprised of the poor sales all Sony cares about now are the casuals. Every ad in the UK is either about Wonderbook or Lego games.

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Looks like those stories about the 360 selling out were true. MS really doesn't need a price cut if demand is still this high.

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Still the best racing franchise this gen, low sales doesn't change that.

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No price cut in over 4 years and the 360 it still selling out, very impressive.

MS likely sold well over 1m in the US alone this month.

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Its not a dup, Sony's rating got cut AGAIN, this time it is actually junk status.

If you read the link you would know that ;)


The story submitted before was refering to Sonys rating being cut to JUST above junk now it IS junk. Its a different story/new. Look at the link and read the dates. This all happened TODAY.

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It seems like Sony as a company is just going further and further into the red. At this rate they could end up filling for bankruptcy.

You can bet the PS4 won't be sold at a loss so expect it to either be underpowered or expensive.

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Don't ruin his dream ;)

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Sounds like its the same as it was it GTA4 in terms of no lead platform. Will certainly be going for the 360 version considering how past rockstar game have turned out.

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Would interesting to know 360 sales now since in september 360 was at 70ml too. This holiday will be quite important if MS wants to increase its lead.

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And this was the game to save Vita. Not looking good.

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Well if other Vita games are anything to go by the reviews will range from 4-7/10.

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Hopefully they will last long enough to bring out the PS4.

I have a feeling if a 1st party studio fails to deliver they will be closed downed quickly to save money.

As for Vita, it better pick up this christmas or I can see it being dropped.

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GOTY Confirmed

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And the PS3 is even further from reaching what it predecessor did. While the 360 has sold 45ml more than the original Xbox.

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