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Well they certainly took away their dominance and marketshare

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Sony is foolish to announce the PS4 so early because we likely wont hear about it again till E3 and if MS announces the 720 the any PS4 new will be overshadowed

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Sony obviously has high standards, if you don't meet the standard you are gone.

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When they are ready, they are in no rush to get into next generation like Sony.

But when the are ready to show what they have you can be sure EVERYONE will know about it.

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No surprise MS now has more first party studios than Sony. They have multiple new studios for the next gen.

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Sounds like it could be very expensive espically with those controllers. And if the 720 is $299 like the leaked docs said power won't be very important espically when the 720 will have double the ram.

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Well done MS it the 360 will be the number one console in the two biggest and most inportant regions. Next gen they should be able to do the same with the world

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There are going to be a lot of ps3 fanboys with egg on their face come feb 7th......

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Sony couldn't afford the Xbox even if they wanted it.

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360 version all the way GTA4/RDR were superior on the 360 GTA5 will be no different

MS points are just a bonus.

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You know you have hit rock bottom when you have to sell your own home to get by

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The same reason why the PS3 and Wii are more popular in Japan

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Well its been top selling console for nearly 2 years straight without a price cut and with the 720 round the console there should be one soon. And then the 360 sales will soar.

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Xbox 720 will certainly be something special

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Looks like what was on those leaked Xbox 720 docs.

Together with those kinect glasses this could be as close to being in a game as you can.

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The one who lost half their market share from last gen...

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Wow full 3D at last can not wait!

This will make 3DS sales go through the roof

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Look at nintendo and ms and copy them lol. Since they both gained marketshare its best to follow the leaders.

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A countdown for nearly half a year must mean something big.

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You can always rely on Level 5

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