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Because MS is making around 100x more money with their xbox division than Sony is making as an entire company.

Sounds crazy? Check last quarter results.

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Sony will find it very hard to beat MS this gen, espically if they are betting on copying Smart Glass, charging for online, include eye toys with every ps4 and charging $529.

There will be meltdowns tonight and not the postive kind

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Interesting, could they be doing this to lighten the blow of payed online gaming?

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Copying Smart Glass now? Whats next copying Kinect?

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Hopefully this gen will be the one GT becomes a AAA game again

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If Wada is not there don't expect a new game

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Sounds like everything the 360 can already do...

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Ratio wise obviously.


If you lived in the UK you would know that the PS brand is becoming irrelevant.


Just look at the front page of N4G, or if you are blind:

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You do know Europe doesn't include just the UK right? The 360 dominates the UK more than its dominates NA.

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An OLED screen and heat sensors?

And people thought the Wii-U controller was expensive.

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"Game for the first time" and "HugMe"

Casual gaming incoming....

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Well the generation is pretty much over, the PS3 won't be passing the 360 WW so a drop in price won't change much.

Probably best to keep it as it is too make as much profit as possible.

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Thats means they will have to start from scratch again since they won't be using the cell and they will likely need to redo assets so they are truely next gen. So it could be another few years to wait again.

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Soon the 360 will be No. 1 in the US and UK beating the Wii.

Second generation and MS are on top, next gen will be interesting.

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PS3: 75.1ml
360: 76.9ml

Check OFFCIAL finacial reports and try again ;)

Ok fine then the 360 is No 1 in the US and UK the too biggest regions. You just made the PS3 look even worse lol

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Why would they be scared they are about to past the Wii and become No 1 in the UK (as said in the MCV article where this comes from) and the US.

MS are ready to dominate next gen.

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Exactly, unless they announce another pricecut

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I miss the days when Sony used to innovate and not copy.

They could have at least thought of a better name to make it less obvious

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Metal Gear, DMC, Final Fantasy, Tekken, Star Ocean, Resident Evil, GTA the list goes on...

Many brought the PS3 thinking those would be exclusive to the system, next gen everyone knows they will be on Xbox too so it will be anyones game to be number 1.

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Right after E3, hopefully it won't be forgotten.

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