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Arrogance is what got you in so much debt and still you don't stop. At this rate Sony will be begging Apple/Samsung to bail them out.

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Only if MS allows it

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Looks like its 7/8s everywhere

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Japan is the only place where it has a chance of being releveant, the rest of the world are happy with their smartphones/tablets and 3DSs.

Dedecatied gaming hardware for more than £150 won't succeed this gen, Sony would be smart to drop it now at cut their losses because no 3rd party dev will touch it.

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When you are in last place its hard not to take marketshare from the leaders

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Shhh don't tell that to the Sony fanboys they will spontaneously compust.

Sony is the only company to keep losing marketshare and its one of the reasons they get closer and closer to bankruptcy

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Good luck even passing the 360, one pricecut from MS and its gameover.


Funny I don't remember him stating any numbers, but being a fanboy I guess you see what you want to see :)

P.S 360 was at 77ml at the end of Dec ;)

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Didn't realise the fear of MS dominace was so strong in the Sony camp lol

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Nice spin Sony but the 360 is the number 1 selling CONSOLE and it about to pass the Wii in a couple of weeks.

It should be worring that the PS3, PS2, PSP, PSV only count for 36 percent while the 360 alone is 29 percent

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Sony will have to do better than that. Exclusive DLC for GTA 4 and COD were system sellers for the 360 these minor DLC won't have much impact.

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Probably an event to announce the real 720 event

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Epic already said they would keep the franchise with Xbox because they appreciate what MS did for them (e.g marketing).

But considering Wada and Kojima where convinced to bring Final Fantasy and Metal Gear Solid to Xbox, if Sony can afford it I'm sure it could make the jump but I'm sure MS will pay to keep it exclusive unless they think they don't need it.

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I wonder how much difference there will be between the current gen and next gen.

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Unlikely, Sony will be last again with Nintendo close by. The 720 will easily win another gen, its only up for the Xbox brand now.

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If the PS4 doesn't get any spec cuts Sony will have to sell the console at a $200 loss minimum if they want to be competitive with the 720.

Which will just put Sony further in the red and closer to going into administration.

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So was Move and Vita....

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That was my point.....

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First Activision now EA, MS sure knows how to work with third parties.

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Maybe this is why all those studios aren't supporting the PS4 because they are choosing to back the 720 exclusively because of this.

There is no way MS would do this without a seriously good reason and third party exclusivity could be it.

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Thats what was said about the Vita and look what happened there.....

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