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Its because they are scared, MS beat Sony this gen taking nearly half of their PS2 userbase and they know next gen MS will take their remaining fanbase.

Scare tactics are their only weapon against the 720 storm

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360 will widen the gap even further with a $99 model. Looks like MS are taking no prisoners.

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Seriously can we have some news on the PS4 or even the PS3, MS isn't paying you guys to give them press time.

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This is becoming News 4 720. At this rate MS won't need an ad campaign.

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Obviously, everyone saying "I'm jumping ship" were never going to get the next Xbox to start with. If they were considering getting one they would have the common sense to wait to hear from MS.

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Only $100ml? If MS spent $500ml on an accessory for a 6 year old console expect a $1bl budget for the next xbox.

Sony better hope and pray it doesn't launch this year or it will likely be a waste of money for them.


And why the 360 outsold the PS3 :)

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More fear showing again, and more attention for the 720

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I agree 100% MS's silence it keeps the spotlight on them, no publicity is bad publicity. Everyone wants to know about the 720 while the PS4 is already forgotten.

When they announce it this site will crash for sure.

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Sony did say they would leave it up to publishers to require DRM.....

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How? By taking all the attention away from the PS4?

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When MS shows all and the rumours are debunked it will just make the 720 look even better since everyone will have such low expectations.

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Wow reported for trolling, when I was just stating facts.

I knew you guys feared MS but damn, you need to take a chill pill.

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Thats the general feeling everywhere outside of N4G.

The hype is bigger than the PS4 here and this site is mainly PS fanboys.


Gangnamstyle went viral Sony's video just got a few million hits.


Analysts everywhere are saying the 720 is going to beat the PS4 because of what Sony has shown, they know (like everyone else OUTSIDE of N4G) MS doesn't have to do much to top them. Which ...

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Well UE3 was made with the 360 in mind and the 360 was made with UE3 in mind and I am sure UE4 will be the same.

So expect the same with multiplats this gen as well.

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Sounds right Xbox/360 where announced in May and released in Nov.

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Its tells us MS isnt threathened by what Sony showed. They beat them this gen without having a 120ml prevoious userbase next gen MS knows they got it in the bag with a 80ml userbase waiting to upgrade, they choose when next gen starts.

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Only the big publishers will be seeing the 720 MS doesn't want their new console leaking.

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Not surprising at all, there is next to no hype for the game whatsoever I dont even think MS has an ad campaign for it.

But it did still get to No. 1

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Its true, all 720 stories are a lot "hotter" than the PS4 stories on N4G so even on a site with 98% Sony fanboys the 720 is more of interest to them.

When it gets announced expect crashes.

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The fear of Sony fanboys is ridiculous

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