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Likely is just a name change if anything, thats why it was removed.

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I got a feeling the studio is closing down.

Sad times for Sony fans.

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Doesn't seem like a complete sellout but then again I don't think the 3DS sold out either. Just show that people aren't ready to switch yet.

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Considering the amount of hardware revisions the PSP had did anyone expect Vita to be perfect day 1.

Give it a year for the slim version just like the 3DS

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Looks like the price cut finally worked. Will be interesting if it can keep momentum next year, as the 360 did without a price cut.

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1.7ml, MS is going to own this holiday. Or should I say continue to own lol.

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France =/= The World

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I guess that means we should be seeing the FFX remake on the 360 as well then. No wonder they never confirmed the platforms.

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They only exclusives that matter are the system sellers and every 360 exclusive is a system seller and thats all the 360 needs, along with Kinect of cause.

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Kinect is now what the Wii was when it was popular. And its whats keeping MS number 1 WW. If this keeps up it could possibly beat the Wii LTD sales at least in the USA.

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Even the UK?

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The PS3 sold around 300-400k so it quite clear that the 360 is top WW anyone can see that.

MS said they would be no.1 for a reason, sorry guys. You should stop trying to downplay it and congratulate MS for such amazing sales.

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Looks like MS were right about being No.1 WW this year. That weekend alone widens the gap significantly.

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VGChartz = fake

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WOW!! In-Game, Voice Acting AND in HD about time SE

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Possibly the best JRPG so far this gen.

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Another delay what a surprise

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Well this game has huge replayabilty, its practically like playing The Sims but in third person and a story.

Besides FF13 will make up for the rest of the time...........:)

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i guess FF13 isnt listed because they're going to announce something big which would have been revealed in a press release.

Could be a release date, cant imagine star ocean 4 being released before FF13

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that depth camera thing hes talking about sounds interesting, hopefully MS are listening

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