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Its all about making money now, since MS knows they have beaten Sony for marketshare. Even with the massive losses from WP7 they are still in the black from the 360.

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MS has the biggest exclusive lineup and with COD they will easily top Sony, like they have every year

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Wow people are more excited about Fable: The Journey than LBP: Kart Racing.

Halo will be massive though, there hasn't been a numbered Halo in years.

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If Vita doesn't explode this christmas I can see 3rd parties dropping support for it, which will mean the end the Vita.

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Seems to be getting pretty high scores for a Kinect game

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Looks like a solid game

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Well Vita sales cant get any worse

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How many bets Cloud/Snake will be $5 DLC. Which won't be surprising since licensing them would be expensive.

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Bethesda should just go 360/PC exclusive with the next game they clearly don't care for the Playstation crowd and I doubt they will miss them.

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Metal Gear Solid was always coming to the 360 since Kojima was at that MS E3 so this is no surprise.

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It has to muiltiplatform now, the dev costs must be through the roof by now, there's only so much Sony will pay for.

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What about TWEWY?

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At least PS3 users eventually get content what about 360 users who don't even get the exclusive Assassin's Creed 3 content

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Sony must really be desperate to save money if they are closing a studio who actually realases great games

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Damn I didn't think it was doing that bad, no wonder they kept hiding the figures.

I got a feeling it won't pick up during the holidays either even with games like COD and AC. People would rather buy a 360/PS3 which are cheaper and have the better versions of those games.

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They are too concerned with gaining marketshare cutting price yearly and continuos redesigns it looking desperate now. They need to accept they will be 3rd and try to actually start making some money so they can survive next gen.

As for Vita I got a feeling even with those big holiday games it won't help it sell more, smarts phones are just more appealing and do so much more than just play games. If I were Sony I would drop Vita and focus on making the PS3/PS4 the best th...

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I would say Japan focus on fantasy, while western devs focus more on realism.

Thats why graphics are more important to western devs because they want to make it look as real as possible while Japan usually have more unique art styles .

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The one with the fastest growing install base/market-share, in other words Xbox.

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All those examples are why they are bleeding money, and if they don't pay off don't expect the Playstation brand to be around for much longer.

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Don't expect a pricecut either because Sony is bleeding money.

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