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So even more crow eating for those fanboys who claimed MS was hacked. Not a good week to be a PS fanboy .

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Anon must be either getting sloppy or MS got a very good backup system. I personally wasn't even affected but those who were had no connection for just a couple of hours unlike a month like some hacks.

I guess you get what you pay for eh :p

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MS knows how to build hype, everyone wants to know about the 720 and the PS4 is already getting less articles for it when its been announced.

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Always online articles are so last week

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If you are a quality dev you will be treated well

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Lol I guess the new 720 leaks were too much for some sites :p

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Really? 2 models is confusing. It that why the the PSP and Vita failed?

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Ryse is almost certain, as for Forza I think it will likely be a PGR game. But if its Forza 5 thats one AAA game guaranteed for launch

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Looks like the mods are asleep :p

Love how all the PS fans are eating crow now lol

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Crow eating incoming...

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These new rumours are certainly throwing a lot of egg on all the doubters of MS. It looks like MS will have an easy time winning another generation if this info is correct.

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Damn thought we could wait till the reveal to own the fanboys.

What a shame :p

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Wow only PS fans complaining as usual you can see all the positivity in the comments on the actual article site.

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Thats because ONLY PS fanboys are crying and worried about the 720. Everyone else is excited and know whatever MS brings will likely bring them victory once again in the console battle.

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Considering they are the only one of the Big 3 to always gain marketshare each gen next gen shouldn't be any different

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More fear based articles from the Sony camp, The same thing happend to the Wii and we all know what happened there...

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Lol MS got everyone gagging for some info.

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Sony has never been a threat for MS, since its always Sony who follows and copies MS. Whatever MS has to show they know the PS4 won't affect its impact when its anounced.

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When the 720 is announced and devs are allowed to talk about it, expect the PS4 to be an afterthought just like this gen. Sony is trying to get as much positive attention while they are the only ones who can talk.

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When you comment on 360/720 articles instead of PS3/PS4 articles.


Im not denying I'm a 360 fan. Its the PS3 fanboys who can't accept they are fanboys who I am referring to.

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