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New Nvidia GPUs can't be found for months. Cyberpunk won't be worth playing for months. Works for me.

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It's a 150GB download, and then a 90GB in-game update. That's the size of my computer's boot drive. Huge sim is huge.

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@CrimsonIdol: The solution to the GPU going into meltdown when you minimize (or pause or go into the menu in some games) is to cap the frame rate. This is a problem in many games. The GPU is rendering as fast as it can, and when the rendering load drops considerably, it's cranking out hundreds of fps to . . . nowhere. I think it's laziness on the part of devs, who should clamp down on GPU activity when not needed. There are tools that let you limit the frame rate externally, if t...

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Three paragraphs of pure anti-Epic bias before getting to the reason for Coral Castle's lawsuit, completely unrelated to Epic's antitrust action against Apple. Spoiler: it's about the allegedly infringing use of the Coral Castle location in Fortnite.

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They had the temerity to compete against Steam. That's the source of the hatred.

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Maybe we can't oppose the hike collectively, but we sure can individually. I gave up on the idea of being able to vote with my wallet when whale-backed microtransactions and the mobile game market became prominent. There's nothing gamers with a sense of value for money can do about that orgy of needless expense. I've refused to pay big money for AAA games for over 3 years now. A $10 retail hike won't make any difference to me. I've moved to PC, where prices fall quick...

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The last game I bought at $70 was Turok for the N64. The cartridges were very expensive to produce late last century.

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To each his own. I liked Tooie better than the original.

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Not for years, unless Nintendo gets real competition in the hybrid market they own right now.

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My problem with the new FF VII from the beginning has been that it is a third of a remake. Most of the original is missing. I didn't know they were going to change the story and gameplay so much that in effect, it's a totally different game. I guess in that case, it has to be treated as one. How good is it on its own, without considering its loose inspiration (the original)? How complete is it in its own right? That has to be the approach in reviews.

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They also don't have to exclude all but the most masochistic. Cuphead is a perfect example. The 30s aesthetic looks great, but the gameplay is pure pain. No thanks.

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I remember that era well. Cut my teeth on many a brutal platformer. I'm so glad gaming has evolved far beyond it. I don't understand why anyone wants to bring it back.

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Not anyone, not in this case, which is very specific to Nintendo. These attacks were made through the Nintendo Network IDs. Those no longer work to log in, at least for now. Nintendo shut down access to logins through NNIDs while they investigate how it all happened.

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Has nothing to do with passwords. Apparently, the vulnerability is the Nintendo Network ID, that carried over from previous systems. So Nintendo just shut down all access. You can no longer log in using an NNID.

See this Reddit thread:

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It could have been more where it counts--content. And the current consoles would not have stopped that. They're a small developer group, and didn't have the resources to make a more sprawling game like Fallout 4. That's the real story with this game. It beat the crap out of Bethesda's efforts graphically, but it's a smaller game.

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Just don't go there. Problem solved. Like the story says, not everyone is trying to gouge. There are reasonable alternatives.

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I'm pretty far along without realizing it. I just unlocked terraforming yesterday, but I already have 3 bridges and an incline. A 4th bridge will be completed tomorrow. 10 villagers + me, check. Flowers, many. Trees, many. Furniture and stuff, yep. Now I guess I should build some paths? Haven't bothered with that yet. I was at 3 stars yesterday. before the 10th villager arrived. Time to check again tomorrow.

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Suddenly, a game I never had any interest in gets interesting--but not for the right reasons.

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Fish, iron nuggets, fossils and wood are all harder to get now, thanks to eggs often taking their place. Iron nuggets in particular have been very scarce for me, and have made progressing in the game slower. I just got the game a few days ago, which is what makes it such a pain. I don't have any resources built up from before the Bunny Day event.

On the other hand, I have a bunch of Bunny Day crafted stuff. For what that's worth.

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Completely agree. If the carts don't contain a single full game, may as well download the whole lot.

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