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Microsoft owns a cloud service, it's called Microsoft Azure, and it recently surpassed the 1 billion dollar mark in terms of income from it. Read up on it.


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Are the best around for sure.

"Well Played, Mauer".

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I really wish I had the money to get a PS3 right about now. The new Slim is awesome, and I really have been digging the Sony Exclusive titles. Plus PSN is just getting better and better. I think now is the perfect time to own both consoles. If only I had the money. D:

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Microsoft could give two sh*ts about what you buy it for? PC=Microsoft 360=Microsoft. Either way, ME2 is exclusive to a Microsoft platform.

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Cost 680...HP DV 6810us, although it did come with 3 gb of ram...I have ubuntu as well, I have to say Mac's look good, can't wait to see the update tomorrow.

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its horrible...i can't even put it in words..

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when the demo comes out i'll have to give it a try...ive never been into football games, but man Fifa has got me hooked, and if PES is better..i don't know what im going to do!

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I'm going to admit that I am not a huge soccer fan, but I've been hooked on the FIFA demo for a week now, and I think i might pick it up. I've never played Pro Evo, but I've heard its unrealistic in some aspects, I don't know, I'm sure someone can correct me on that. Its only one review, so I think we need to wait to see more to make any judgement on which is better.

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i've been using vista and I've had no problems with it, runs smooth, better than xp in my opinion.

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this is going to be a 360 exclusive. the only reason for its announcement on Wednesday, is because MS wants to steal thunder from the Wii and Ps3 announcements on Tuesday. That way the attention is on bungie and MS and not the PS3 announcements. etc... just a hunch

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there is absolutely no voice chat on ps3, no to mention a 8 person party system throughout all of Xbox Live. Figures only the 360 haters would be on here, because everyone else is watching the conference.

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they don't open it up to hip hop, R&B, or even country. It's a rock game(it even says it in the name!), if they do, I'll go back to Guitar Hero. Rock Band needs to stay with rock, give me more metallica(i heard the entire new album will be on rock band), give me Led Zep, Hendrix, Black Sabbath, Beatles. etc... Not Akon and 50 cent!

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and this game is now my most wanted game behind Geow2 and Fable 2.

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what studios don't milk their games? Last time I checked we were at MGS 4, Halo 3(and soon to be 2 more halo games), I dunno 20 mario games have come out, etc.... EA gets attacked all the time, when every game studio milks they're games. Oh and so does everyone's favorite Ubisoft studio(i.e. Splinter Cell, Ghost Recon, Rainbow Six).

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Its just the release candidate 3 of Firefox 3, i downloaded it on my windows comp. It loaded up and said it was the RC3 version

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DO IT!!! It's really a great game. It can be a little on the short side for an RPG, but some of the features it has were innovative for their time. On 360, it does have a few sound issues, nothing too bad, just every once in a while, but graphics and frame rate are fine.

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this an actual video of someone PLAYING the game

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i was just stating the fact that it was hailed as the "HALO KILLER" and obviously failed to deliver. I personally have never played it(as i stated in my other post) So i do not personally know, i was just going by the various reviews i've read. Personally KZ2 and GoW2 will dominate the respective consoles in sales when they are released. A little mad that KZ2 wont be out till February, but its probably better in the long run so it will be great. From the footage, it looks like a sys...

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but my question is, Since Killzone 1 was a failure, why are they expecting anything different this time around? I never played Killzone 1, i was just going by the reviews I had read. This one looks great though, probably the best looking game other than CoD4...but how was the story mode in the first one? I heard bad things about it...

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Saints Row was a good game that was not like GTA, i'm sure this game will be good, but obviously i think GTA will be better, but they aren't closely related.

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