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Reading some of these comment makes me yearn for the good ole days Sega vs Nintendo without all this hate today. ....ugggg why all the hate N4Gers? If you ask me a new Nintendo console is a win win for everyone if you like Nintendo First party games buy it if not don't I for one am looking forward to this press conference

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Uh they have all been used

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hdr is available on all ps4 consoles unlike Xbox one it only available on s version somebody didn't do there homework

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How do you really get any down votes? i am ashamed to say I'm a daily n4ger

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Original ps4 uses up to 250watt pro uses up to 310 watts I hope we don't have overheating issues. The only thing that gives me confidence about that is Sony is a hardware company they should have this figured out.

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Why the down votes he stated a fact people like wth smh ??????

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The shit isn't even a commodity like wtf bs price increase

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Year over year we saw Xbox one usage go up 18% in July when pressed about sales what a difference a generation makes

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You smashed it out of the park but Lemmings will be Lemmings

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This could benefit Nintendo

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This will never come to be retail space is not going to allow this pipe dream to come to fruition. This is why stores like Kmart and to an extent Walmart carry consoles and not all these parts to upgrade your home pc. Limited shelf space at any given store and with the latest and greatest cell phones already beginning to take up a large amount of space in local stores electronic Dept. Console upgrades just not happening all talk no substance there if you ask me.

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Good game it was but....Baseball Stars... Was epic for its time

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Best Buy gamers club is great you get bonus points when purchasing games you also get 10 dollars in reward points for pre ordering select titles and the 20 % off even applies to on sale games what's not to love? It is by far the best deal out there for gamers period the money you can save and reward points you can accumulate during the year to use toward future purchases make it a no brainer. I've used it to purchase Disney Infinity Nintendo Ammibo and Skylanders characters the discou...

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My friend had colecovision I had Atari 2600 I missed the great donkey kong port that he had as well as pacman

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