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This is kinda like a crowd blowing on their favorite race car down the main straight, so it goes faster and wins the race.

No no no... This is like blast processing hehe, seen all this BS marketing when I was young when it was SEGA vs Nintendo, SEGA had blast processing!

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Ahhh nice to see a story in which all the comments below are not going on about unit's sold and market share. I have simplified my gaming of late been playing sonic on megadrive, so this game begins to appeal.

don't need cheats though.

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Pfft this is nothing, the first Metal Gear will be 30 years old in 4 years, I used to play that game hard out when I was young.

But games have not changed one bit, enemies still run to their deaths just to get a shot of you, don't they have families in their minds? Is certain death worth minimum wage? And you still need keycards to get into little doors that you could of otherwise destroyed with your rocket launcher...

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GT series is one of my favs that's no secret. But even I didn't get 6 (most likely will eventually). They gotta start trying new things, I really wanted hill climb events, trophy truck racing and different mods in the tune store, but from the reviews it just looks to be the same stuff.

However seeing the Tesla in one of the trailers and hearing that there are a good amount of tracks is the thing that makes me say that I will most likely get it one day, for cheap off c...

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Good stir it up, listening to a guy talking in circles, speaking on a redundant subject he knows little about, while watching some cod footage, is rubbish. Youtube is congested with crap, and it will implode. They are making these changes for a reason ya know. Business is still a business.

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In retrospect I went back and replayed Jak2 for kicks, their best game man!

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Who bloody cares, gamers of grapic... Ers.. Um. Graphics arë good enough for all, stable frame and larger than 576p reslolution is all you need.

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Everything stops even the planet one day

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I wouldn't mind pumping a woman like that!

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Whatever mate, the game is over ambitious then how about that. I still love it though.

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The game suffers from glitches in many ways, I can't 100% the story because it is doing the 68/69 mission error, I have done them all too. The game was rushed it's not finished no game is now days, it's all about release let everyone run into unknowns then gather feedback, then patch.

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GTA is a chance to laugh at yourself, in such a serious world taking an opportunity to laugh is actually important.

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Bathurst! Ok this is the best track in the world, it's basically a sick hill climb and a hill decent, this track really works a car with a massive down hill blast to the finish.

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After talking to numerous people in the real world I am convinced that graphic resolutions and frames don't matter, they don't know what it is or they don't care, they just want a beer after work and to get away from the misses.

Honestly most of you guys are missing the point of gaming, if you have to play a low res version on xbox who cares, you will adapt and it will be normal after a few hours.

Lol the only thing that needs to be said about thi...

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I prefer GTA, the effort gone into this game is outta this world, it deserves those 10's just for the effort. But I like SanAndreas better :p

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I used to take my ps3 to work, I always did my job when I had work to do or when work was at hand, though I can't say it made me more productive.

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Maybe it's just got boring to me, been playing since the first game and it all feels the same, will it all be the same mechanical upgrades? We can continue the conversation on psn. I want this game to shine btw.

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In my experience it's a pretty darn good indication, besides I wasn't knocking the graphics. The game will be an enhancement of gt5 but not much of one, I bet you.

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Not impressed. I'll keep gt5 as I think they are basically the same game, I mean common even the races havn't changed their titles since gt1 'sunday cup'... Always the same. Gimme a bloody tarmac hill to climb and a monster to drive up it. Btw hate rolling starts! Gimme soul pd...

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