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I don't get all the hate on delsin. He seems like a badass to me, and I've seen some reviews mention a bad dress sense.
Maybe its just because england is different to america, but I think he looks awesome.

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I signed in for the first time in a while just to tell you "here's" is definatly without doubt, a contraction of here is.
It can also be here are, but this is non standard form.

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"Xbox one games look best easily"
- Said no one. Ever.

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You didnt ask me this question however i felt compelled to answer you anyway.

I started playing cod back on cod 4, got it day one, fell in love with the serious and have been in love ever since (except mw2, we dont talk about that)
People like you annoy me, if you dont like cod, fine. But we dont need to know, keep it to yourself instead of going into a CALL OF DUTY article and hating on the game.
I happened to think that the new game looks great.

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Please inform us all as to why you would choose the x1 over the ps4.

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Is there a way to remove this guy from the human population?

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The fact the ps4 dominates all these polls never surprises me.

The fact that the x1 still gets votes is what surprises me the most.

I would love to get inside the minds of the people who would choose it over the ps4.

I'd find some pretty messed up shit in there I'm sure.

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On amazon uk all next gen game prices are listed at £54.99
This is the sole reason i have yet to pre order my ps4,
I flat out refuse to pay £55 for a single game, regardless of quality.
£40 is a good number, dont change what isnt broke.

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You say they should have shown the difference the cloud makes in game? You know why they couldn't show that?
Because the cloud doesn't work like that. You have been sucked up by the dribble Microsoft have been coming out with to defend their precious x1.

If you want better looking games go for the more powerful console, the ps4.

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Anyone please correct me if I'm wrong.

But as far as I'm aware.
20 first party exclusives in the first year
30 more third party either exclusives or with exclusive content in the first year.

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Where did you get this information from?

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A consoles life cycle is a very long time, let's assume next gen will be around 7-8 years. The ability for indie devs to self publish will no doubt involve a lot of crap coming through, but I don't doubt that in the pipelines now or the future somewhere is a mine craft killer. We'll probably see this on ps4 for this very reason.

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And the point here is that they are running out of games to show as they had to come out at e3 games galore because of the reveal episode. Ps4 didn't need to show games as they knew announcing DRM would be enough. But now Xbox has done a u turn on that, Sony is getting flak for not announcing new games.
Don't forget Sony has a lot left to show in comparison to Microsoft, just wait and see.

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Xbox has shown a lot of their 15 exclusives already. Sony has only showed what, 5? Out of their 30.
Sony has a hell of a lot left to show where as Xbox is running dry.

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Not yet.
But they have 20 first party exclusives
And 40 third party exclusives or with exclusive content.
Be patient and wait for the announcements to keep flooding in.

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Its a great incentive, people don't realise what a great service it actually is, neither did I until I managed to pick it up for £20 one day and now I would never go back

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Hmmmm, I guess i never looked at it from your perspectives.

Yes it is a great deal to me but to others like yourselfs maybe not.

Saying that though xbox also charges online, so its now one or the other, and ps+ is the better deal

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Only two things bothered me about gt5.
1. The career mode sucked, doing the same race over and over again to get enough money for a car that can compete in the next race, and repeat.
2. They took out arcade mode, any track, any car, any settings. Bring that back, please.

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I rarely post comments, but when I do it is to point out the flaws in your arguments.

I'm sorry, but all these 360 guys trying to defend the fact the game may come on 5 or 6 discs as a good thing. No, I'm sure while flying over the map and then receiving a pop up to insert next disc will be a lovely experience for you, and then another to go to multiplayer and then another to get the next missions, while ps3 owners can enjoy a seamless experience uninterrupted by any ...

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If next gen goes digital download only, and Sony and MS don't get their pricings correct, example, new game in UK £40 in store, £60 on psn, its robbery. Unless they go like steam. DD is going no where. Saying this though, I still believe they won't block used games, will kill off an entire market if they do.

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