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That way - instant success in Japan. Since all the japs do is play old gen RPG's.

I play Western RPG's of great innovative quality:

Jade Empire
Fable 1&2
Fallout 3
Mass Effect

ALL on XBox baby!

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Sony are takeing the biggest beating they've ever received in the gaming industry at the moment. What happened to the playstations domination. The Nazi's are steadily being driven back.

I would buy a PS3rd for Heavy Rain if only they were UNDER £200.
Untill that happens, sony can kiss my ar$e!

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I want it!
I'll buy a cheap PS3rd for it. As long as i can get the crappy console cheap enough.

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Is this true?
I really don't want to rebuy another PC at the moment, but at the same time i have to have latest and best of everything...

Hense i brought an Xbox 360 and not a PS3rd.

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How the hell can The NEX cause disc tray glitches!?
Its just a run of bad luck. The shop he rented the console from probably loned it to a guy that abused it beforehand...

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Lack of games has caused infighting among the droids.
They'll all be trading in their consoles for 360's soon.
Mark my words.

2009 - the year sony DIES.

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All i saw was cut scenes.... (Boo!)

Obviously this won't run on the PS3rd though, probably be delayed or even cancelled once they realize how crap ''teh cell'' is to program for...

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Play behind droids

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just in time for next christmas!

BTW, why hasn't the ps3rd had a price cut yet? That dead duck sunk years ago...

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I won't buy one until it reaches under £200
The only game i want is Heavy Rain, and thats not out until next year. I'll wait beyond i guess...

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And haven't had a single issue. And thanks to OPTIONAL game installs, it now runs quieter and cooler than ever. The Jasper is great and all, but the problem was fixed last year with the Falcan.

I'm still waiting for the slimline 360 though. Next year hopefully...

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360 has so many games, Tomb raider simply isn't in such demand on the greatest console the world has ever seen...

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Shame, otherwise i would have brought one.

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The biggest console EVER!
The same OLD-gen pad with the analogue sticks placed incorectly.
Mandantory installs
over priced console desperatly needing a price cut.
INFERIOR online service
Burdened with SLOW ray
lack of games
third party games LOOK and PLAY better on Xbox 360
Lack of internal memory.
exclusives continually FLOPPING. Haze, R1&1, BlP etc...

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Howe dare you screw the moddest gamer AGAIN!

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Now thats a TRULY innovative game and nobody seems to care that it reviewed badly!

Its the first of its kind, an amazing game! R2 is just a nother lame shooter.

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I don't just mean porn games, i mean very vilolent games, realistic games with perhaps ONE sex scene etc...

why do so many adult games get banned because i child MIGHT get their hands on it?
Do they ban all adult movies, books, and music for the same reasons? no. The fact is, gaming is still considered the passtime of children and not adults.

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I truly fear for the next generation. What will the PS4 and Xbox 720 play like with same gen graphics and silly motion sticks?

Thankyou nintendo, you single handedly built up, and then destroyed serious gaming.

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Too high?

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How many generations are sony going to fail to innovate with their controllers?

For gods sake, OFFSET THE STICKS!!!!

They were initially TACKED onto the PS1 pad. Not designed, Tacked on!
Design a pad from the ground up with analogue sticks next time (if there is a next time) sony!

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