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If he'd stolen a PS3rd (which he didn't want) they would have just stunned him or let him go.

Riots in Bestbuy, now this, CLEARLY the 360 is in HIGH demand. Unlike the PS3rd which shops are removing from their shelves to make room for more 360 consoles...

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Seriously, who cares?

I don't care that the LOTR trilogy comes on 6 discs, why would i care if games come on 3 discs.

Its no trouble for me to switch discs every 20-30 hours. Jesus, get a life you fat overweight lazy sony [email protected]! Get off the couch and swap discs once a week!

You swap discs every day as it is! Every time you playa different game, or movie! Grow up - THINK!

Is Blu-Ray really worth an extra £150 so you don't h...

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I guess this week long sale will only add to 360 sales.

4-1 maybe???

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Please let this be the beginning of the Wii's slip!
Let the numbers continue to drop. Please!!!!!!!!!!!

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They are losing £50 on every PS3rd they sell!
If they price cut, they will lose even MORE money.

They are exactly in the same situation M$ was in last gen with the original XBox. The more M$ cut the price, the more money they lost.

Thats why M$ cut the lifespan of the XBox short and created the 360.
Maybe Sony will do the same thing - cut the PS3rd's lifespan short and release the PS4 sooner rather than later...

What else can t...

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The story is crap and there are too many cut scenes. Learn from Valve and Bioshock on how to tell ingame stories...

I'll take MGS4 as long as it gets a 'Director's cut' and we lose most of the unnecessary and overlong cut scenes.

Cut scenes are OLD GEN!

NOTHING revolutonary has come out of japan since SHENMUE!

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Make people take an IQ test in the shops.

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360 = 477,956

PS3 = 198,068

Holy Sh!t!!!!!!

Its worse for Sony than i thought! Should have done a price cut!

And for those people saying parant s just go for the cheapest... What kind of parant buys their chikd something they don't want? Thay ASK the kid what they want and the kid says Wii & 360. Face facts droids, sony arn't cool with the kids anymore. Kids want what their friends have, and they all have 360's and Wii's. Its a lovl...

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Thats what it means!

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The more complicated a piece of equipment, the sooner it breaks. Things will only get worse. If technology didn't move, then they could perfect designs. But then they'd lose money because no one would be buying new stuff.

My advice. Become hermits and live in caves.

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I'm pleased to see Xbox on top and going strong. Nowhere but up now i think. 2009 Should be an amazing year to be an Xbox gamer. Can't wait to see what games M$ have instore for us to buy and play NEXY YEAR when they are announced NEXT YEAR.

Sony on the other hand announce things YEARS in adavance and say 'WAIT' to their fans. M$ only show their hand when they are ready to deliver.

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This and Alan Wake are the only TRUE next-gen adult mature games in development. the rest is childs play.

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PS3rd = 17 Million
360 = 25 Million

8 Million gap and widening! Sony are doomed, let them fight gizmondo or something while M$ concentrate on cloing the Wii gap. Sony arn';t even a blip on the radar anymore. The battle has been fought and won.

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8 Million gap and widening!

PS3rd = 17 Million
360 = 25 Million

Time to concentrate on closing that Wii gap now. Forget Sony, let them compete with the gismondo or something...

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N4G sucks these days!

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Their eyes or minds are clearly inferior to western people. But why?
God created us all equel, so what went wrong?
How to this mutation develop? I really feel bad for them because they are missing out on some anazing FP perspective games life Half-Life2, Bioshook, and Mirror's Edge.

So sad.

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No one buying a new 360 in 2008 is going to have any RROD problems. Not with the new heatsinks, and smaller 65nm chips.

Stop trying to gain hits to your pathetic little loser sites and write something NEW and FRESH. Something worth reading in 2008 and not 2005.

Jesus, time to move on now vultures.
Get a life, get a 360.

Hey, that should be M$ new slogan: Get a life: Get a 360


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We'll all be playing next-gen games on our 720's.


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Why can't M$!?

And M$ have smaller chips now...

Come on M$, release a slimline next christmas!

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Nobody cares about Blu-Ray

Downloads will take off soon. Its only a matter of time.
Have they fixed the S...L...O...W start up of movies yet?
5 minutes just to get BATMAN BEGINS to play! And it din't even look any better than it did on my 360 with upscale technology...

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