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We all know they can't write software for sh!t

Leave it to the professionals - leave it to M$!

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The Playstation business iis no longer profitable. CUT IT!

Cancel the PS3rd, leave gaming forever, let Apple take your place.

Bye bye!

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Soi don't even see blu-Ray existing newxt gen. Likely Toshiba will create a NEW HD format that will make Blu-Ray look like floppy disc, and M$ will put that in the 720.

Downloading won't be viable. Not totally. And DVD while fine for now, will not be good enough next-gen.

This article fails.

A bit like the PS3rd is doing right now... lol

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Sony: the eveil empire are doomed to failure.

2009 - the year the PS3rd dies.

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Sony are now sh!tting themselves more than ever! 2009 belongs to Xbox

Just like 2005-2008!

Better luck in 2010 droids!

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Thats why, they have to give them away! Clear the old stock for more 360 games!

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PS3rd DESPERATELY needs a price cut. But unfortunately, sony are already losing £50 on every console they sell...

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They deserve it...
They dont gave a sh!t about us europeans.
They feed us with uber-hyper delays,no limited editions,dualshock 3 came later in eu...
Playstation home etc...


Two games companies are plenty!

Sega and Nintendo
M$ and Nintendo

No room for a failstation!

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Wow, 2009 is gonna be one big flop for you droids isn't it?

Lets hope Santa delivers you all 360's on the 25th...

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The PS3rd will be the first to get cut!

Come one, its losing them money!

£50 PER sold console!

The Playstation devision is ripe for the flucking!

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Its all over DROIDS!

Your previous Grill/movie player is dead!

2009 - the year the PS3rd dies!!!!

R.I.P PS3rd!


Mary Christmas!

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Since when, i know it has movies and flops, but actual games and not a GCI cut scene posing as a game? Where? I must have missed that...
Perhaps you were refering to BIGlittleFLOP?

You know what, forget it, buy a 360 and STFU!

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Face it, Sony need to bite the bullet and cancel the PS3rd before it gets any worse for them. Rush the PS4 to market sooner rather than later. Just like M$ did with the 360...

The tabes have turned. The 360 is now the cheaper console with the better games (PS2) and the PS3rd is the new Xbox 1, overpriced, late to market, a money pit...

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Top game was MIRROR'S EDGE.
That game was truly innovative.

LEFT4DEAD wasn't too bad either... (lol)

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And i'm sick of the Halo franchise.

Sure, its good for M$, and gamers, i'm just saying i don't care.

I want ALAN WAKE and HEAVY RAIN on PS3rd...

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Nough said.

Strangely not listed.
This article fails.

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M$ ON THE OTHER HAND ONLY ANNOUNCE GAMES FOR THE SAME YEAR. When we reach 2009 the watch as all the great content comes down from M$.

Sony always blow their load way too early and fail to satisfy their fans.

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Next time i see someone leaving a game shop with a PS3rd in hand, i'm going to punch him in the face.

''Mary Christmas droid!''

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Because lets, face it, it takes forever to get to earth, and once you download it, you and your PS3rd will be trapped in hell forever afterwards. Hours and hours of endless boredom!

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5 Games that won't be out for 5 years more like!

M$ on the other hand, only announce games that will be out WITHIN the year.

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