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enough said.

Play behind droids...

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Good to see M$ going after the noobs.

won't be long now sony...


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Oh wait, were they serious?

Oops! LOL

PLay Better - play 360!

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Go watch some more blu-ray movies.

Leave the games to us.

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Why not wait for the runmoured slimline next year?

With a combined 45nm CPU/GPU?

I have a Falcon Elite (175w) and it works just great. A lot quieter, and a LOT less heat. For me, i'm going to buy the slimline. Not because i'm worried about reliability, no, but because i want a smaller and even quieter, cooler 360.

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wow, only thought they had 4...

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Its worth it!
PSN is worthless, hense its free.

They can't give that sh!t away!
Unlike Xbox LIVE where people are falling over themselves trying to give M$ their hardearned money..

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The have the cheapest console, the best hardware, the best online service, the best pad, ALL the games, and even the multi-platform games LOOK and PLAY better on 360!

There is simply no reason for casual gamers to look elseware this christmas...

360 will CRUSH sony.

I can't wait to see the sales figures!

My local game shop is piled high with returned PS3rds collecting dust. They're sold out of 360's though, and they can't get any Wi...

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... Again... (SIGH)

For the last time: Their is no longer a RROD issure. It was resolved last year with the new SKU's. ANYONE currently experiencing the issue is probably due to old hardware. Not new hardware.

Jesus, move on droids!
Oh, i forgot, you can't. You don't have any games to play! LOL

360 is STILL outselling the PS3rd. and will over christmas.

The people left who haven't brought consoles are going by price. As the 3...

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I feel cheated.

Still buying it though, but i think we all know Fallout 3 will rock harder. Wesern RPG's ar ethe best!

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This person has NO IDEA what they are talking about. With Rock Band, they had to pay a fee themselves to port the tracks over. They made no money from it themselves.

Also, what right do we have to play context from one old game on an updated game anyway?
Its a privilege not a right.

They really need to start checking facts here.

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A few more flops before phoney discontinue to make tham anymore?

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Instead they have many. As do Sony. But history shows, that M$ ALWAYS win in the end.

I think sony are struggling in ther business as well. Their stuff is over priced, due to brand recognition, but at the same time, they don't offer consumers anything more for that price.

With the PS3rd, they really dropped the ball. Their making the same mistakes M$ made last generation!

They are only trgeting hardcore, they're late to market, and they've made a...

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Will never make the mistake sony did. When they had ninty on the ropes back in the gamecube days they let them live. M$ ill totally destroy sony. Its already happening...

M$ will reign for 1000 years!

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Sony are dead. No one actually wants them to servive either. Not l,ike they did when sega were in trouble. Thats because sony suck and like kill things.

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They only entered the fight to give ninty a hipping, and now ninty have whipped their ass again!

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Alan Wake
Heavy Rain

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I wonder why? Lighting? Video capture?

Regarless, this wouldn't even run on the flopstation...

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IF all the other stores follow suit, we can bury the PS3rd by Christmas! lol

The way i see it, they're just calling it like they see it. 360 is more powerful, has the better control pad, online network, and games library. Wheres the contest????

360 wins hands down.

I've lost count of how many mothers and kids i've talked out of buying PS3rds while in store picking up all my AAA 360 games.

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The reast are just 'meh' only these two games are pushing gaming forward into more mature territory...

I think, instead of Nintendo's idea of making kids games for adults that are thick, these are the type of games adults that read book and watch movies will like.

THIS is the future of the medium, real ADULT entertainment, not stick waking gimp games.

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