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Except it!

Your console is floping quicker than your limp di(ks!

I love how ignorant droids are, no the ps3 is not dying but this is how it works in the real world.

At the beginning of every year a company sets up a budget(how much money they can spend) which is set by what the company predicts they will make in revenue for that fiscal year.

When the company doesnt make that money for that year, the budget is basically worthless an...

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Just for gaming, but it will have a blu-ray lazer for movies...

Liek a PC combo drive that plays HD-DVD's and Blu-Gays...

HD-DVD loads faster, stores more, costs less, and doesn't require MANDANTORY INSTALLS the way Blu-Gay does on the PS3rd...

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WHEN/IF Sony cut the price of the PS3rd, M$ can cut again as well!

M$ have sony by the balls and they are SQUEEZING HARD!

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Look, when ouy released Half-Life2 gamers were FORCED and more than HAPPY to upgrade their PC's for this amazing title.

By refusing to build a true next-gen engine, you will fall behind other titles with nicer graphics. Left4Dead can barely hold its own on XBox 360...

A year, 2, then what? Will M$ even allow such old-gen graphics on their Xbox 720?

Upgrade NOW! Start building a new stream engine. FROM THE GROUND UP!

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First it was 2006, then 2007, then 2008. Now its 2009!

Come on droids! PLEASE!!!!!!!!

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And they put ''flop'' in the sentence.

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They lose £50 on evry console they sell. I don't call that winning...
They are 7-9 Million units behind M$ which are in second place...

Thats a big difference...

And they have lost consumer/brand confidence.
Not only that, but they have also lost most of their exclusives.

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With Halo 4 and Gears 3 as launch titles???

Yes please!

By then the 360 will be 6 years old! It would have had a good run, and no doubt M$ will continue to support it for a year or so after the launch of the 720...

Sony say their consoles are for 10 years...

The PS2 is 8 years old, but come on!! who wants to play on old gen hardware NOW?
What a stupid thing for sony to say.

So while the PS3rd (if it still exist...

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There is NO RRoD. Not since 2006.

Any article written after 2006 is pure BS.
And we at M$ encourage you all to each buy 3 360's at christmas!

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Oh well, sucks to be you droids...

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for $200 with a copy of heavy rain!

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DROIDS - why still support a company that treats you like second class citizens...

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BS incomin!

Like this from sony:

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Through endless micro transactions.

Why can't they be upfront about things like M$?
$20 A year, done.

Wait to the droids see their credit card bill!

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Show SOME decency...

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ha! Take that droids!

You know sony can't design a console to save their life!

PS1,2,3 - all very hard to develop for!

Developers, why work in hell, when you can work in heaven?

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Cause you droids are all going to be looking for another place to live... Xbox LIVE!

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PS3rd cancelled by sony early 2009!

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No body buy droids are reading this crap article...

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and this PROVES it!

buy a 360 quick! Before you all start wearing dresses!

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