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"As someone who is unbiased to this..."

Just because you own both doesn't mean you are unbiased. An unbiased individual would state the positives and negatives of BOTH services, not sit there and drool over one while shunning another. But let's go over your points.

Point 1: If the devs decide to give the 360 content first, it's not PSN's fault it's the devs choice. Devs don't get any part of the annual subscription fee that L...

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So Cliffy B, since you are an oracle and everything, give me the winning lotto numbers.

Seriously, predictions were made about THIS gen too, and look how that turned out. Wii took everything by storm and now everything is about motion control. So yeah, don't expect me to believe you.

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I expect to see a lot of you who are praising Kinect to upload videos of you playing it, since it's the second coming to you and everything.

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goosepoose you've just proven how lame you really are.

the story written by a retard is older than your entire family line. the DW story is based on one written 1800-2000 years before you were born and the games story is confined within the limits of that story. if this isn't your game, don't play it. no one is forcing you. but the way you act, it's as though someone is raping you while forcing you to watch them play the game.

there are games ...

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I can predict what people are going to say about this, I'll simply address it here.

For people who really love Demon's Souls, the following would not be advisable in a sequel for obvious reasons.

Voice chat: Mood is essential in Demon's Souls, as is surprises. Adding voice chat would kill the mood of the game, and what if you're talking with someone who's already beaten the level and tells you every single hidden enemy or trap? That would ...

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But I emphatically DISagree with voice chat. Imagine playing this game, where mood is essential to the experience, then having some 12 year old black phantom invade you, back stab you, and taunt you with his high pitched, pre-pubescent voice. Voice chat would RUIN this game. Even amongst friends.

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You heard moaning during the whole thing.

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First, FromSoftware are the developers of Demon's Souls, not SCEJ. Second, IIRC, Sony didn't want any part of Demon's Souls and so that's why FromSoftware turned to Atlas for NA publishing. I'm a bit wary of believing that this will happen any time soon just because of the "let's jump on the bandwagon" feel of this announcement. But damn do I want it to happen.

Also, to the people making suggestions of Move support, 3D, voice chat, etc.. etc....

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DS should stay as far away from the possibility of being casual as possible. The wonderful thing about DS is that it isn't the kind of game you can just pick up and play. It takes skill and memorization and being ok with the fact that, yes, you WILL die.

Move support will taint it's image.

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You're all assuming that Sony is going to go with the mega tech intensive route again for the next gen. Kaz said he's bringing in developers to help design the PS4, so expect it to focus more on ease of development than tech. That's not to say that it won't have impressive technology, but for the first time since the beginning of the brand, Ken Kutaragi is NOT designing the newest Playstation console. He's a hardware engineer by trade, and he is Playstation. Kaz is more so...

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You made me laugh, which hurt my abdomen, so you get bubbles. Thank you.

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That's nice and all, but why is it that the majority of games are still on consoles, why is all the media about console games, why are console games more dominant in the perception of the mass market? Because PC games are the future right?

And way to use a subscription based MMO's and microtransactions to prop up your argument. I'd say that right there shows that PC games are more expensive in the end. Let's see, I buy a game for a console. $60 plus tax, ONE T...

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Plain and simple. Oh wait, you mean you DIDN'T buy a 60GB PS3 Phat with all the card readers, 4 usb slots, and full BC? Awww, such a shame. Well, I guess I should reiterate then.

My PS3 has BC and I'll still buy HD remakes of games on the PS2 I couldn't play for one reason or another. But you know...

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This happens all the time. First it's PC's are the future, then it's PC games are dying, then it's PC games are the future again.

I have one thing to say to anyone that thinks PC is the future. Piracy.

Simply put, piracy is bigger on PC's than it is on consoles. As long as the major developers (funnily enough, I bet most people could name major console developers with ease, but struggle to name major PC developers beyond Valve and id) want...

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Got a DS port basically. Unless you're talking about Resurrection, which was a fan made 3D remake of the game that Square put a stop too.

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Zone of the Enders shouldn't be on that list because people want a ZoE 3 more than a remake. Plus, ZoE 2 is superior to it anyway.

Halo shouldn't be on that list for obvious reasons as well.

Chrono Trigger though could definitely use a remake for sure. Either that, or a new game in the series. Why Squaresoft C&D'ed Chrono Trigger Resurrection is a shame.

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And what will those games play on? Remember, the new PS3's can't do PS2 playback.

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If it has to be main characters, my top 5 are as follows. CONTAINS SPOILERS!!

1. Ramza Beoulve: He basically fights EVERYONE. Every faction in the world of Ivalice is basically his enemy, even his best friend and brothers, and yet he still pushes on to save the world no matter what the cost. When he succeeds, he is lost to obscurity, his best friend is titled the hero of the land, and his name is stricken from history as that of a heretic until one man dares to challenge the ...

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That fits his character and story within FFTactics too. God I love that game.

Jecht is my pick for this list though. You gotta give the guy props. Best of the best in Blitzball, Legendary Guardian, dealt a massive slash to that shoopuf while drunk, and such a hero that he was willing to sacrifice his own life, becoming Sin in the process, to start the chain of events that would lead to his own son fighting and killing him, all to save a world he had no real connection to befo...

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Wow 14 Xbox Fanboys think Sony is still in the red. I guess Google doesn't exist for them or they would be able to look this stuff up.

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