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Gameplay looks good.

Graphics are PS2.XBOX.

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& the PS3 is leading by a million already worldwide.

Last again 360. awww

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Yeah another overrated game with poor animation, so so graphics.

Gears of war r.i.p, just like Deadspace.

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I actually preferred the mp for resistance3, better controls, faster combat.

Resistance1 mp was boring for me.

I really enjoyed the mp of resistance2 co-op.



Should be Battlefield open war, with futuristic weapons, vehicles and flying machines all.

Plus smaller maps with co-op and story.

Graphics in Singleplayer should be gritty like the first ...

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Good game, but overrated.

First bioshock was the best.

Story was dragged out.

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PS4 DEEP DOWN can fill that void.

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Apparently Kinect 2 detects so many people, you can dance with loads of friends and it scores accordingly, also included is the red ball edtion where all of your family can smack red balls all over the place.

And with the light show, illuminate. It's disco time.

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Would be better online if people get to choose type of player,type of village they want to live in, and over time.

You grow as a community and develop powers, but some other villages will try to take yours and so on.

I know nothing of this type of game, but could be good.

The original game bored me alittle.

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Early days.

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Could be a massive game.

PS4 version for me.

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Killzone2 was nice singleplayer fps, it choked online, slowdown & the controller lag did not help.

Killzone3 good sp, decent mp.

This game hopefully is better all round.

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Nobody wants the WII U.

It's all about PS4/720

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Die dx.

die die.

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I know,lol.

People do know the difference between the WII and the WII U.

People just don't want it.

Those 70million casuals don't care for the touch screen, all those mums, dads, grandparents.

PS4 will have no such problems.

720 though, can suck it.

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Gamers should stay out of it, Does not concern them.

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I'll be surprised if there will be loyalty for next gen consoles.

Because people did not wait for PS3, Because of being a year late they bought the 360.

Not sure what will happen this time.

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Games are too expensive.



Yes you play them more then you would watch a movie.

But as there are so many games that people want to play, it's hard for people to get them all.

I know some peeps that wanted tr, but other games came first, and most likely they either won't pick it up now, or at a low price point.

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I've seen all the top titles on the 3ds, none of them come close to vita's graphics.

Not saying it's a bad machine, both are good. But PS2 could not do pixel shading. Vita does.

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It was a good game, nothing ground breaking though.

Did not really feel like a tombraider game much either. Just an action title.

The next game needs to be better and involve more exploration etc.

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